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Dalai Lama

Gareth Sparham

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2012-10-25

Dalai Lama Introduction Dalai Lama is the honorific title of Tenzin Gyatso (Bstan ‘dzin rgya mtsho, b. 1935), a Nobel Peace Prize winner and t...


Maria R. Heim

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2016-03-31

Dāna Introduction Dāna (Sanskrit and Pali, gift, gift-giving, generosity) is a practice, ideology, economic feature, ethical virtue, and topic of intell...


Paul G. Hackett

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2012-03-23

Debate Introduction From the very inception of the tradition, debate has figured prominently in Buddhism. Perhaps as a result of the multirelig...

Demons and the Demonic in Buddhism

Gail Hinich Sutherland

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2013-04-22

Demons and the Demonic in Buddhism Introduction It may come as a surprise to those who equate Buddhism solely with its intellectual and mystic...


John Powers

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2010-09-13

Dharma Introduction Dharma (Pāli dhamma; East Asia: 法, pronounced fǎ in Mandarin, beop in Korean, hō in Japanese, and pháp in Vietnamese) is ...

Dignāga and Dharmakīrti, The Philosophical Works and Influence of

Dan Arnold

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2012-02-06

The Philosophical Works and Influence of Dignāga and Dharmakīrti Introduction Dignāga (also spelled “Diṅnāga,” b. c. 480–d. c. 540 ce) and...


Taigen Leighton

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2010-09-13

Dōgen Introduction Eihei Dōgen (b. 1200–d. 1253) was a Japanese monk, ordained in Tendai, who visited China in 1223–1227 and returned to teach...

Dzogchen (rDzogs chen)

Sam van Schaik

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2012-04-24

Dzogchen (Rdzogs Chen) Introduction Dzogchen is a Tibetan word meaning “great” (rdzogs) “perfection” or “completion” (chen). It refers to a gen...

Early Buddhist Philosophy (Abhidharma/Abhidhamma)

Tadeusz Skorupski

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2016-04-28

Early Buddhist Philosophy (Abhidharma/Abhidhamma) Introduction During the centuries after the Buddha’s demise, the activities of the Saṅgha in India are...

Early Modern European Encounters with Buddhism

Frank Usarski

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2015-03-30

Early Modern European Encounters with Buddhism Introduction Unlike the consolidated research of Buddhism in Western countries from the 19th ce...

Ellora Caves

Suraj Pandit

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

Ellora Caves Introduction Ellora (20° 1′ 35″ N, 75° 10′ 45″ E) is one of the important rock-cut cave sites in Maharashtra, India, where a tota...

Emptiness (Śūnyatā)

Guy Newland

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2011-08-26

Emptiness (Śūnyatā) Introduction Emptiness literally translates the Sanskrit śūnyatā. While variously interpreted, it always points to the abs...

Environment, Buddhism and the

Richard Payne

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2010-09-13

Buddhism and the Environment Introduction The relation between Buddhist thought and contemporary environmental and ecological concerns has beco...

Ethics of Violence, Buddhist

Stephen Jenkins

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2010-09-13

Buddhist Ethics of Violence Introduction Perhaps no topic in Buddhist studies has been more subject to projection and romanticizing than th...

Family, Buddhism and the

Reiko Ohnuma

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Buddhism and the Family Introduction Buddhism has a complex and multifaceted relationship with the family, familial life, and familial discour...

Feminist Approaches to the Study of Buddhism

Lori Meeks

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2012-04-24

Feminist Approaches to the Study of Buddhism Introduction Although much work on women in Buddhism undertaken today does not convey explicitly ...

Four Noble Truths

Carol Anderson

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2012-03-23

Four Noble Truths Introduction The teaching commonly called the “four noble truths” is the most widely known teaching of the historical Buddha...

Funeral Practices

Margaret Gouin

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2014-01-13

Funeral Practices Introduction Death engages the most fundamental tenets of Buddhism. As the impermanent self dissolves back into its constitu...

Gandhāra, Buddhism in

Jason Neelis

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2013-04-22

Buddhism in Gandhāra Introduction Ancient Gandhāra was a major center for cultural production of early Buddhist art and literature. Located in...

Gelugpa (dGe lugs pa)

Elijah Ary

Subject: Buddhism »

Date Added: 2012-02-06

Gelugpa (dGe lugs pa) Introduction The Gelugpa (dGe lugs pa) school is the youngest of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. It traces it...

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