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Early Childhood

Glenda MacNaughton

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2012-03-23

Early Childhood Introduction Early childhood is the period of childhood between birth and eight years of age. While the provision of targeted e...


Kathryn M. Anderson-Levitt

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2012-03-23

Education Introduction Colloquially, “education” usually means “schooling,” and thus this bibliography focuses on schooling, although it will b...

Environment, Children and the

Louise Chawla, Debbie Flanders Cushing, Laura Healey Malinin, Illène Pevec, Willem van Vliet, Kelly Zuniga

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2012-03-23

Children and the Environment Introduction Children and the environment cover a broad, interdisciplinary field of research and practice. The soc...

Ethics in Research with Children

Ann Farrell

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2014-01-13

Ethics in Research with Children Introduction Widespread scholarly interest in ethics in research with children, as an extant field of inquiry...


Kieron Sheehy

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2013-05-28

Eugenics Introduction Charles Darwin (b. 1809–d. 1882) published On the Origin of Species (1859) and The Descent of Man (1871). These texts in...

Evolutionary Studies of Childhood

Alyssa N. Crittenden

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2014-08-26

Evolutionary Studies of Childhood Introduction Current research on the evolution of childhood is largely interdisciplinary, highlighting the s...


Esther Dermott

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Fathers Introduction Research on fathers spans social science disciplines; sociology, political science, psychology, anthropology, socio-legal...

Female Genital Cutting

Elizabeth Heger Boyle

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2013-05-28

Female Genital Cutting Introduction Female genital cutting (FGCs; also known as female circumcision or female genital mutilation) affects milli...

Feral and "Wild" Children

Michael Newton

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2013-05-28

Feral and “Wild” Children Introduction The term feral children has been taken as applying to those who have endured three very different kinds...

Fetuses and Embryos

Jean Reith Schroedel, Erin E. Brooks

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2014-03-27

Fetuses and Embryos Introduction In the non-medical/scientific publications, the human organism prior to birth generally is referred to as a f...

Films about Children

Rachana Agarwal

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2014-01-13

Films about Children Introduction The image of the child in cinema appeared as early as the 1890s in the pioneering work of French filmmakers ...


Elizabeth Tucker

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2014-02-25

Folklore Introduction Folklore, cultural traditions shared by individuals and groups, became a subject of interest to scholars in 1846 in Engl...


Deborah Albon

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2013-02-26

Food Introduction The area of “children and food” contains work from a range of disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, dietetics, and...

Foundlings and Abandoned Children

Rachel Fuchs, Stephanie McBride-Schreiner

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2014-01-13

Foundlings and Abandoned Children Introduction The study of foundlings and abandoned children is a subfield of the history of children and the...

Freud, Anna

Nick Midgley

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2013-05-28

Anna Freud Introduction Anna Freud (b. 1895–d. 1982) was a child analyst and the youngest daughter of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanal...

Freud, Sigmund

Todd Dufresne

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2013-05-28

Sigmund Freud Introduction Sigmund Freud was born in Moravia (now the Czech Republic) on 6 May 1856, spent most of his life in Vienna, Austria...

Friends and Peers: Psychological Perspectives

Barry Schneider

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2013-04-22

Friends and Peers: Psychological Perspectives Introduction In the first years of the formal study of psychology, from the late 19th century th...

Froebel, Friedrich

Kevin J. Brehony, Kristen D. Nawrotzki

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2013-10-29

Friedrich Froebel Introduction Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel (Fröbel) (b. 1782–d. 1852) was a German-born, child-centered educationalist wh...

Gay and Lesbian Parents

Anna Malmquist, Karin Zetterqvist Nelson

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2013-05-28

Gay and Lesbian Parents Introduction Research on gay and lesbian parenthood is diverse, covering a wide range of topics approached from differ...

Gender and Childhood

Anna Mae Duane

Subject: Childhood Studies »

Date Added: 2012-08-29

Gender and Childhood Introduction The organization of this bibliography reflects the evolving, often contradictory state of scholarly work on ...

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