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Machiavelli, Niccolò

Cary J. Nederman

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2015-06-29

NiccolÒ Machiavelli Introduction Niccolò Machiavelli (1469–1527) was a civil servant in the 1498 Florentine Republic who, after he lost his po...

Marx, Karl

David Leopold

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2015-04-29

Karl Marx Introduction Karl Marx (1818–1883) was born into a Jewish family, living in the Rhineland region of Prussia. Marx’s father was a law...

Mathematical Explanation

Paolo Mancosu, Christopher Pincock

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2012-08-29

Mathematical Explanation Introduction Mathematical explanations are explanations in which mathematics plays a crucial role. There is a rich hi...

Mathematics, Philosophy of

Otávio Bueno

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2010-05-10

Philosophy of Mathematics Introduction Philosophy of mathematics is arguably one of the oldest branches of philosophy, and one that bears sig...

McDowell, John

Tim Thornton

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2015-09-29

John Mcdowell Introduction John McDowell was born in Boksburg, South Africa, in 1942 and educated at University College of Rhodesia and Nyasal...

McTaggart, John

Emily Thomas

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2014-03-27

John McTaggart Introduction The Cambridge philosopher J. M. E. McTaggart (1866–1925) was a British idealist, best known to contemporary philos...

Meaning of Life, The

Thaddeus Metz

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2010-05-10

The Meaning of Life Introduction For millennia, thinkers have addressed the question of what, if anything, makes a life meaningful in some form...

Medically Assisted Dying

Robert Young

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2011-05-25

Medically Assisted Dying Introduction Although a few noteworthy philosophical contributions were made in the middle of the last century to the...

Medicine, Contemporary Philosophy of

James Marcum

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Contemporary Philosophy of Medicine Introduction Contemporary medicine is fragmented in terms of approaches to what it is or should be, as wel...

Medieval Logic

E. Jennifer Ashworth

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2015-06-29

Medieval Logic Introduction Medieval logic has wide geographical, linguistic, and chronological borders. Its origins are in ancient Greece, es...

Medieval Philosophy

John Marenbon

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2012-06-26

Medieval Philosophy Introduction Medieval philosophy includes the four branches of a single tradition, rooted principally in the Platonic-Aris...


Sven Bernecker, Aaron Bogart

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2010-05-10

Memory Introduction Remembering is a fundamental cognitive process, which is involved in virtually all other important cognitive functions, ...


Christos Kyriacou

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2016-04-28

Metaepistemology Introduction Metaepistemology is the branch of epistemology that asks questions about epistemological questions and inquires into funda...


Alex Miller

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2010-05-10

Metaethics Introduction Metaethics can be described as the philosophical study of the nature of moral judgment. It is concerned with such ...


Anna-Sofia Maurin

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

Metametaphysics Introduction Metametaphysics is the study of metaphysics. It asks, of the questions posed by metaphysicians, how they (and the...


Yuri Cath

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2011-06-29

Metaphilosophy Introduction Often philosophers have reason to ask fundamental questions about the aims, methods, nature, or value of their own ...

Metaphysics, Contemporary

Allan Hazlett

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2010-05-10

Contemporary Metaphysics Introduction There is no general agreement or consensus about how to define metaphysics. The word itself derives from...

Mind, Metaphysics of

Darragh Byrne

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2010-05-10

Metaphysics of Mind Introduction Philosophy of mind addresses fundamental questions about mental or psychological phenomena. The question he...

Modal Epistemology

Kelly Becker

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2010-11-01

Modal Epistemology Introduction Modal epistemologies aim to explicate the necessary link between belief and truth that constitutes knowledge. This str...


Scott A. Shalkowski

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2011-06-29

Modality Introduction The problems of modality––the modes of being or modes of truth––have a long history, stretching back at least as far as t...