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Unintentional Injury Prevention

David A. Sleet

Subject: Public Health »

Date Added: 2011-11-29

Unintentional Injury Prevention Introduction Unintentional injuries, such as falls, motor vehicle crashes, and poisoning, are a large, predicta...

Urban Health

Nicholas Freudenberg

Subject: Public Health »

Date Added: 2011-02-23

Urban Health Introduction In the early 21st century, city living is the norm for an ever-growing proportion of the world’s population. By 2...

Violence Prevention

Andrés Villaveces

Subject: Public Health »

Date Added: 2012-05-23

Violence Prevention Introduction Violence as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) is the intentional use of physical force or power,...


Neil Arya, Matthew R. Anderson, Victor W. Sidel

Subject: Public Health »

Date Added: 2014-11-25

War Introduction War has enormous and tragic impacts, both direct and indirect, on public health, with long-lasting economic, social, and heal...

Water Quality

Mark Robson

Subject: Public Health »

Date Added: 2011-02-23

Water Quality Introduction According to the United Nations, almost one billion or more people lack access to safe drinking water, and 40 percent ...

Water Quality and Water-Related Disease

Patricia L. Meinhardt

Subject: Public Health »

Date Added: 2013-04-22

Water Quality and Water-Related Disease Introduction Contamination of water reserves by biological, chemical, and radiologic agents affects th...

Weight Management in US Occupational Settings

Mark G. Wilson, Andrea M. Brace

Subject: Public Health »

Date Added: 2013-06-25

Weight Management in US Occupational Settings Introduction Workplaces offer a unique opportunity to promote health behavior change and the ado...


Jean Moore

Subject: Public Health »

Date Added: 2013-05-28

Workforce Introduction The public health system is a complex network of organizations that works to promote, protect, and preserve the health ...

Worksite Health Promotion

Nell H. Gottlieb

Subject: Public Health »

Date Added: 2012-07-24

Worksite Health Promotion Introduction Worksite health promotion is a relatively young field, with employee fitness programs in the United Sta...