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Comparative Social Work

Steven M. Shardlow, Juha Hämäläinen

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2015-03-10

Comparative Social Work Introduction Taken in an international context, social work is characterized by diversity of country-specific traditio...

Conflict Resolution

Allan E. Barsky

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

Conflict Resolution Introduction Conflict resolution (CR) may be defined as any process used to manage, determine, or settle differences th...

Council on Social Work Education

Julia Watkins

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2012-05-23

Council on Social Work Education Introduction The nonprofit Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), founded in 1952 and located in Alexandria,...

Counseling Female Offenders

Katherine van Wormer

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

Counseling Female Offenders Introduction Gender-specific programming is viewed as essential to effective work with girls and women in the criminal ...

Criminal Justice

Margaret Severson

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2013-05-28

Criminal Justice Introduction The term “criminal justice” encompasses a huge area of thought and action relevant to the development of the cri...

Crisis Interventions

Mo Yee Lee, James Beauchemin, Cathy Grover-Ely

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2016-03-31

Crisis Interventions Introduction Crisis interventions have evolved in the past forty years to fill a service gap that emerged at a time when long-term ...

Cultural Competence and Ethnic Sensitive Practice

Sadye L.M. Logan

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2012-06-26

Cultural Competence and Ethnic-Sensitive Practice Introduction Cultural competence, cultural sensitivity, multicultural or cultural responsive...

Culture, Ethnicity, Substance Use, and Substance Use Disorders

Diana DiNitto

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2012-11-21

Culture, Ethnicity, Substance Use, and Substance Use Disorders Introduction Individuals in the United States who develop alcohol and other drug...

Dementia Care, Ethical Aspects of

Ruth Landau

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2012-06-26

Ethical Aspects of Dementia Care Introduction Dementia is a clinical concept characterized by a person’s progressive decline in mental function...

Depression and Cancer

Mary Sormanti, Genevieve Mason

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2015-09-29

Depression and Cancer Introduction The experiences associated with being diagnosed and treated for cancer are generally acknowledged as distre...

Development and Infancy (Birth to Age Three)

Terri Combs-Orme

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2016-04-28

Development and Infancy (Birth to Age Three) Introduction New research on brain development in early life is making it clear that this knowledge is crit...

Direct Practice in Social Work

Jacqueline Corcoran

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

Direct Practice in Social Work Introduction Direct practice in social work constitutes one-on-one contact with people at the micro level a...


Joanna C. Rankin, Marcia H. Rioux, Ivan Brown

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2011-04-14

Disabilities Introduction This entry identifies resources relevant to the study of disability that are pertinent to the field of social work. R...


Ted Bober

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2011-05-25

Disasters Introduction Disasters are complex interactions between nature, the human-built environment, and social processes that significantly ...


Michael Saini

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2011-04-14

Divorce Introduction Divorce is the legal dissolution of an adult couple relationship by a court or other legal authority to terminate the legal...

Domestic Violence Among Immigrants

Neely Mahapatra, Noel Busch-Armendariz

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2013-06-25

Domestic Violence among Immigrants Introduction Domestic violence or intimate partner violence (IPV) is often referred to as wife abuse, spous...

Eating Disorders

Nina Rovinelli Heller

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2013-09-30

Eating Disorders Introduction The biopsychosocial perspective central to social work theory and practice provides the ideal lens through which...

Ecological Framework

Susan P. Kemp

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

Ecological Framework Introduction Ecology, the study of the relationships between organisms and their environments, is a vibrant interdisciplin...

Economic Evaluation

Jennifer Francis, Ann Netten

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2011-06-29

Economic Evaluation Introduction In a weak economic climate, politicians and local government decision makers cannot afford to ignore value-for...

Elder Mistreatment

Tazuko Shibusawa

Subject: Social Work »

Date Added: 2013-11-27

Elder Mistreatment Introduction Elder mistreatment, which was first recognized as a social problem in the 1970s, continues to grow as a public...

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