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April 21, 2017

Three new OUPblog posts by Oxford Bibliographies contributors are now available:

"Muir knew that the wilds surrounding him not only fed his soul but sustain us all. Too many of our current elected officials have forgotten his lesson. They seek to sell off our public lands throughout my western home to view them as little more than sources of oil and gas, and to strip federal oversight that has kept these lands there for all of us, generation after generation. [...]"
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"John Capgrave is one of the few medieval authors whose birthday we know. As he composed his universal history known as the Abbreviation of Chronicles, he recorded that on 21 April 1393, “the friar who made these annotations was born.” And lest this entry be overlooked amidst the doings of the powerful, he inserted his personal nota bene mark, a trefoil, beside it in the margin. [...]"
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"On Monday 19 December 2016, President Vladimir Putin had made plans to attend Woe from Wit, a satirical comedy on post-Napoleonic Moscow. The play is a classic in Russian literature. It was written in 1823, six years before its author – poet and diplomat Alexander Griboyedov – was murdered by a crowd of Islamic religious fanatics, when Ambassador to Persia. President Putin never made it to the theatre. Just minutes before leaving, he received a call by Turkish President Erdoğan. As an oddly morbid coincidence, Erdoğan conveyed the message that the Russian Ambassador had been assassinated in an art gallery in Ankara. The news made international headlines; the explosive image taken at the scene – featuring the gunman shouting ‘Do not forget Aleppo!’ moments after he pulled the trigger – has in the meantime been named 2017 World Press Photo of the Year. [...]"
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