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Latin American Studies

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Though the scholarly study of Latin America, a region of 20 countries and over 569 million people, is not new, the bringing together of various disciplinary approaches according to a single geographic region represents a fairly recent shift. Latin American studies includes a vast range of disciplinary perspectives, including history, sociology, economics, anthropology, and political science. Area studies in general have proliferated in the latter half of the twentieth century and Latin American studies in particular has been propelled forward as a distinct field of study by major international changes, such as the end of the Cold War. As the field continues to grow, to shape and be shaped by global politics, scholars are faced with an ever-increasing amount of new information. Scholars must constantly consider new discoveries, new interpretations, and new theoretical ideas in the field. The multidisciplinary nature of Latin American studies makes it particularly challenging to stay informed about every applicable area. A great deal of this work has moved online with the most recent scholarship, research, and statistics appearing in online databases.

Oxford Bibliographies in Latin American studies is an entirely new and unique type of reference tool that has been specially created to meet a great need among today’s students, scholars, and researchers. It offers more than other bibliography initiatives on- and offline by providing expert commentary to help users find, negotiate, and assess the large amount of information readily available to them. It facilitates research in a way that other guides cannot by providing direct links to online library catalogs and other online resources. Organizing the resource around discrete subject entries will allow for quick and easy navigation that users expect when working on screen.

Editor in Chief

Ben Vinson is a professor of history and Dean of Arts and Sciences at The George Washington University. Formerly the Herbert Baxter Adams Professor of History and Director of the Center for Africana Studies at Johns Hopkins University, he received his PhD from Columbia University, and his AB from Dartmouth College. He has also taught at Barnard College and Penn State University. His books include Bearing Arms for His Majesty: The Free-Colored Militia in Colonial Mexico (Stanford University Press, 2001); Flight: The Story of Virgil Richardson, A Tuskegee Airman in Mexico (Palgrave Macmillan, 2004); Afromexico (Fondo de Cultura Economica, 2004); and, with Herbert Klein, African Slavery in Latin America and the Caribbean, 2nd edition (Oxford University Press, 2007), and Black Mexico: Race and Society from Colonial to Modern Times (University of New Mexico Press, 2009) co-authored with Matthew Restall. He also edited Africans to Spanish America (University of Illinois Press, 2012) with Sherwin K. Bryant and Rachel Sarah O’Toole. Vinson has held fellowships from the Fulbright Commission, the National Humanities Center, the Social Science Research Council, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Mellon Foundation.



Fordham University
The University of Texas at Austin
St. John’s University
Emory University


Brown University
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Yale University
Ilona Katzew
Latin American Art at the Los Angeles County
University of Oxford
Duke University
Barnard College
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Pennsylvania State University


* = recently published

Matthew Restall
Pennsylvania State University
Natalia Sobrevilla Perea
University of Kent
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Fordham University
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California State University, Sacramento
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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
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University of California, Merced
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Florida Atlantic University
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The University of Alabama
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New York University
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Instituto de Estudios Urbanos y Territoriales, Universidad Simón Bolívar
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Buffalo State, SUNY
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Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
Leonora Simonovis
University of San Diego
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Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
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University of North Florida
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University of California, Berkeley
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Buffalo State, SUNY
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The University of Georgia
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Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero
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Wake Forest University
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Fordham University
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The State University of New York at Potsdam
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Smithsonian Institution
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Smithsonian Institution
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University of Haifa
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Harvard University
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University of Miami
Kelly Donahue-Wallace
University of North Texas
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Centre College
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Bellarmine University
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Indiana University Bloomington
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Indiana University Bloomington
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The University of Texas at Austin
Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra
The University of Texas at Austin
Alfredo Luiz Suppia
Universidade Federal de Juiz de For a
Florence E. Babb
University of Florida
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University of North Carolina at Charlotte
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University of Pennsylvania
Fabrício Prado
The College of William & Mary
Jorge F. Rivas-Pérez
James G. Cusick
University of Florida
Maya Stanfield-Mazzi
University of Florida
Ben Vinson III
The George Washington University
Ben Vinson III
The George Washington University
Kenneth J. Andrien
The Ohio State University
Roberto Breña
El Colegio de México
Nelson Maldonado-Torres
University of California, Berkeley
Lewis Gordon
Temple University
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University of Calgary
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Pennsylvania State University
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Pennsylvania State University
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Florida State University
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Rice University
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Michigan State University
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Johns Hopkins University
Piero Gleijeses
Johns Hopkins University
Piero Gleijeses
Johns Hopkins University
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Rice University
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United States Merchant Marine Academy
Brodwyn Fischer
Northwestern University
Susie Porter
University of Utah
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The University of New Mexico
Neil Harvey
New Mexico State University


1952 Bolivian National Revolution
José Gordillo
Afro-Andean Culture
Leo Garofalo
Amazonian Music
Rafael José Menezes Bastos
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Andean Music
Henry Stobart
Armies of 19th Century Colombia and Peru
Clément Thibaud
Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique
Army of Chile in the 19th Century
Juan Luis Ossa
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
Joaquín Fernández Abara
Universidad Finis Terrae
David Sowell
Juniata College
Buenos Aires
Fernando Degiovanni
City University of New York
Fernando Rosenberg
Brandeis University
Central American Literature
Arturo Arias
Citizenship in 19th-Century Cuba
José Gomariz
Florida State University
Coca and the Coca Leaf
Leo Garofalo
Colonial Legal History of Peru
Renzo Honores
High Point University
Colonial Peru
José Carlos de la Puente
Communism in Latin America
Ananthakrishnan Aiyer
Contemporary Brazilian Cinema
Alfredo Suppia
Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora
Drug Trade
Paul Gootenberg
Gender in New Spain
Lisa Sousa
Occidental College
Guatemala City
J. T. Way
Georgia State University
History of Health and Disease in Latin America, 1600-1870
Adam Warren
History of Latin American Cartography
Jordana Dym
Skidmore College
History of the California and Southwest Missions
Pamela Huckins
New York University
Independence in Argentina
Lyman Johnson
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Indigenous Maya Literature
Arturo Arias
Jewish Argentina
Alejandro Meter
Jorge Amado's Literary Legacy
Bruno G Sales
University of Georgia
Robert Moser
Galen Brokaw
Montana State University
La Generación del 30 in Ecuador
Fernando Iturburu
SUNY Plattsburgh
Labor Unionism in Brazil
John French
Duke University
Alexandre Fortes
Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro
Latin American Jewish Literature
Alejandro Meter
Legal History of New Spain, 18th century
Margarita Bornemann Menegus
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Justin Wolfe
Music and Globalization
Javier Leon
New Paradigms in Latin American Literary Studies
Oscar Montoya
University of Pennsylvania
Román de la Campa
Popular Religion
Gray Fielding Kidd
William Van Norman
James Madison University
Post-conquest Mesoamerican Societies
Kevin Terraciano
Pre-conquest Aztecs
Elizabeth Baquedano
University College, London
Prisons and Criminal Justice
Chris Garces
Quechua and Its Legacy
Myriam Yataco
Queer Narrative
Javier Guerrero
Princeton University
Chad Black
Sandinismo and the Nicaraguan Revolution
Richard Grossman
São Paulo
Cristina Mehrtens
Slave Trade in Latin America
David Wheat
Michigan State University
Slavery in Kingdom of Quito
Sherwin Bryant
Slavery in the Caribbean
William Van Norman
James Madison University
Social Theory in Mexico
Jaime Rodriguez
St. John's University
South American Dirty Wars
Gloria Melissa Garcia
State and Nation Formation in Mexico
Pedro M. Santoni
California State University San Bernardino
The Arab Diaspora in Latin America
Paulo Farah
The Catholic Church in Colonial Latin America
John Schwaller
SUNY Potsdam
The Colonial City
Alejandra B. Osorio
The Development of Consciousness in regards to the Andean Indigenista Novel
Javier Sanjinés
University of Michigan
The Inquisition
John Chuchiak
Missouri State University
The Mexican Revolution 1910-1940
Alan Knight
St Antonys College
The Musical Tradition in Latin America
Kristin Dutcher Mann
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
The Pre-conquest Mesoamerican States
Christopher Morehart
The Spiritual Conquest of Latin America
Kenneth Mills
Alex Borucki
Vania Markarian


The Oxford Bibliographies Graduate Student Article Award is an annual, invitation-only award that offers experienced doctoral candidates an opportunity to contribute to Oxford Bibliographies in Latin American Studies, to draw attention to their work, and to add a peer-reviewed publication to their CVs. Invitation is by faculty nomination only. Nominations are now being accepted.

“Graduate students are by necessity deeply and critically engaged in the literature within emerging areas of research. This knowledge puts them in an ideal position to write for Oxford Bibliographies. I am particularly excited about the potential of this award as a pathway to including articles on cutting-edge topics, and I think it is an important acknowledgement of the significant contribution graduate students routinely make to the production of new scholarship.”

--Damon Zucca, Reference and Online Publisher, Oxford University Press

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