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Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling an organization’s financial, physical, human, and information resources in ways intended to achieve and maintain organizational effectiveness. Because the business world exists in a dynamic and fluid environment, the essential elements, processes, and functions (and the interrelationships among these) that comprise management are subject to constant change. It is therefore critical that students, scholars, and professionals stay abreast of new theoretical ideas, new interpretations, and new empirical findings, but the vast array of unpredictable and uncontrollable variables makes it difficult to find the best current information. Oxford Bibliographies in Management will offer students and researchers alike a reliable, up-to-date, and authoritative guide to the best literature in the field.


Editor in Chief

Ricky W. Griffin is Distinguished Professor of Management and holds the Blocker Chair in Business in Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. After receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Houston in 1978, he joined the faculty at the University of Missouri for three years before moving to Texas A&M in 1981. His research on task design and dysfunctional work behavior has appeared in Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Management and other outlets. He also served as Editor of the Journal of Management. He has been Program Chair and Division Chair of the Organizational Behavior Division and Program Chair of the Research Methods Division of the Academy, Program Chair and President of the Southwest Academy of Management, and a member of the Board of the Southern Management Association. He is a Fellow of both the Academy of Management and the Southern Management Association.




Portland State University
University of Miami
VU University Amsterdam
Purdue University


Oklahoma State University
University of Alberta


Oklahoma State University
Columbia University
Singapore Management University
Tulane University
University of Alberta
Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and SKOLKOVO Institute for Emerging Market Studies
The Pennsylvania State University
Arizona State University


* = recently published

Kellie C. Liket
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Pursey P.M.A.R. Heugens
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Deidra J. Schleicher
Purdue University
John D. Watt
University of Central Arkansas
Claudia Buengeler
Jacobs University Bremen
Ronald F. Piccolo
Rollins College
Henrich R. Greve
Charles H. Fay
Rutgers University
Yehuda Baruch
Bournemouth University
Manuel London
State University of New York, Stony Brook
Christina E. Shalley
Georgia Tech University
David C. Thomas
The University of New South Wales
Ronald S. Landis
Illinois Institute of Technology
Devaki Rau
Northern Illinois University
Philip Bromiley
Paul Merage School of Business
Stella M. Nkomo
University of Pretoria
Neal M. Ashkanasy
The University of Queensland
Bruce R. Barringer
Oklahoma State University
Bernie Malonson
Michigan State University
John Schaubroeck
Michigan State University
Linda K. Treviño
Pennsylvania State University
Edward Wray-Bliss
Deakin University
Leonard Bierman
Texas A & M University
Dennis R. Briscoe
University of San Diego
Mary Ann Von Glinow
Florida International University
William D. Schneper
Franklin & Marshall College
Tatiana Kostova
University of South Carolina
Bradley L. Kirkman
Texas A&M University
Sal Mistry
Texas A&M University
Alana Arshoff
University of Toronto
Gary Latham
Rotman School of Management
William Newburry
Florida International University
Alexander Alonso
Society for Human Resource Management
David S. Geller
Society for Human Resource Management
Debra J. Cohen
Society for Human Resource Management
Montrese Hamilton
Society for Human Resource Management
Michael Santoro
Rutgers Business School
Florian Wettstein
University of St.Gallen
András Tilcsik
University of Toronto
Christopher Marquis
Cornell University
Michael Witt
University of Michigan-Flint
Ariel S. Levi
Wayne State University
Yitzhak Fried
Syracuse University
Ram Mudambi
Temple University
Thomas J. Hannigan
Temple University
Mo Wang
University of Florida
David D. Van Fleet
Arizona State University
Karl Moore
McGill University
Robert F. Grattan
University of the West of England
Frank Hoy
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Giacomo Laffranchini
University of La Verne
Dawn E. Chandler
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Eric Yanfei Zhao
University of Alberta
Michael Lounsbury
University of Alberta
Christi Lockwood
Boston College
Mary Ann Glynn
Boston College
Simona Giorgi
Boston College
Jean M. Bartunek
Boston College
Bob Hinings
University of Alberta
Royston Greenwood
University of Alberta
Ricky W. Griffin
Texas A&M University
Donald Palmer
University of California, Davis
Christine Jackson
Purdue University
Angela M. Passarelli
College of Charleston
Stephanie R. Klein
Angelo S. DeNisi
Tulane University
Gary Latham
Rotman School of Management
Alana Arshoff
University of Toronto
Catherine Cassell
University of Manchester
James T. Austin
Ohio State University
David Chan
Singapore Management University
Adam Cobb
University of Pennsylvania
Tyler Wry
University of Pennsylvania
Donald M. Truxillo
Portland State University
Jennifer R. Rineer
Portland State University
Talya Bauer
Portland State University
Angela Gist
Univeristy of Missouri
Marilyn E. Gist
Seattle University
Dov Eden
Tel Aviv University
Thomas S. Bateman
University of Virginia
Robert C. Ford
University of Central Florida
Susan Jackson
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Kaifeng Jiang
University of Notre Dame
Randall S. Schuler
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Tammy L. Madsen
Santa Clara University
James Campbell Quick
University of Texas at Arlington
Lex Donaldson
University of New South Wales
Elizabeth J. Altman
Harvard Business School
Frank Nagle
Harvard Business School
Michael L. Tushman
Harvard Business School
Fariss-Terry Mousa
James Madison University
Steven Harper
James Madison University
Kenneth G. Brown
University of Iowa
Raymond M. Lee
Royal Holloway University of London
Neal Schmitt
Michigan State University
Janet P. Near
Indiana University
Marcia P. Miceli
Georgetown University
Joseph A. Allen
Creighton University
Steven G. Rogelberg
University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Areas of small business
David Audretsch
Indiana University
Venkata Nadella
Indiana University
Arguments for Social Responsibility
John Mahon
Attribution Theory
Mark Martinko
Mark J. Martinko
Cognition & Capabilities
J.P. Eggers
New York University
Daniel Keum
New York University
Compensation strategy
Joseph Martocchio
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Donald Kuratko
Sarah Nagelvoort
Corporate Governance
Ruth Aguilera
Corporate Political Activities (CPAs)
Jean-Philippe Bonardi
University of Lausanne
Emerging Markets
Li Dai
Loyola Marymount University
Emotional labor
Run Ren
Employee Aging
Thomas W.H. Ng
Global Strategy
Bjorn Ambos
Human Relations
David Lewin
Innovative Behavior
Feirong Yuan
University of Texas at Arlington
Dennis Marquardt
University of Texas at Arlington
International Strategic Alliances
Dan Li
Indiana University
Job Satisfaction
Don Chen
National University of Singapore
Richard Arvey
Ruth Kanfer
Gregory Theyel
Organization Change Through Technology and Innovation
Philip Anderson
Organizational Identity
Dennis Gioia
Yuliya Likhonina
Penn State University
Organizational Networks
Andrew Shipilov
Organizational Socialization
Thomas Brady Harris
Pay for skills, knowledge, and competencies
Gerald Ledford
Political Risk
Llewellyn Howell
Psychological Contracts
John Bingham
Brigham Young University
Hilary Hendricks
Glen Sanders
Psychological Empowerment
Kwanghyun Kim
Korea University
Soyeon Lee
Korea University
Regional entrepreneurship
Rolf Sternberg
Leibniz Universität Hannover
Sally Maitlis
Sexual Harassment
Jennifer Berdahl
Social Power
Steven Elias
Michael Johnson-Cramer
Status in Organizations
Adam Stoverink
Northern Illinois University
Strategic alliances
T.K. Das
Baruch College
Strategic Human Capital
Rhett Brymer
Miami University
Janice Molloy
University of Bath
Clint Chadwick
Strategic Leadership
Joanna T. Campbell
University of Cincinnati
Hansin Bilgili
University of Arkansas
Survey Feedback
Allan Church
Sustainable Management
Steffen Böhm
Sustained Competitive Advantage
Gordon Walker
Team Newcomers
F.A. Rink
University of Groningen
Theory X and Theory Y
Peter F. Sorensen
Benedictine University
Therese Yaeger
Benedictine University
Time-and-Motion Studies
Steven Harper
James Madison University
Fariss-Terry Mousa
James Madison University
Women as Entrepreneurs
Karen Hughes
University of Alberta
Jennifer Jennings
University of Alberta



The Oxford Bibliographies Graduate Student Article Award is an annual, invitation-only award that offers experienced doctoral candidates an opportunity to contribute to Oxford Bibliographies in Management, to draw attention to their work, and to add a peer-reviewed publication to their CVs. Invitation is by faculty nomination only. Nominations are now being accepted.

“Graduate students are by necessity deeply and critically engaged in the literature within emerging areas of research. This knowledge puts them in an ideal position to write for Oxford Bibliographies. I am particularly excited about the potential of this award as a pathway to including articles on cutting-edge topics, and I think it is an important acknowledgement of the significant contribution graduate students routinely make to the production of new scholarship.”

--Damon Zucca, Reference and Online Publisher, Oxford University Press

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