Kayte Stokoe




French Studies


University of Warwick


Dr Kayte Stokoe has recently completed her doctorate, which was generously funded as part of a scholarship on the AHRC project ‘Queer Theory in France’, based jointly at King’s College London and the University of Warwick. Kayte’s doctoral thesis ‘Reframing Drag Performance: Beyond Theorisations of Drag as Subverting or Upholding the Status Quo’, was supervised by Dr Oliver Davis. The thesis examined French and Anglo-American queer and feminist theorisations of drag, as well as exploring current praxis in French and English drag scenes, and the literary mobilization and representation of drag in Rachilde’s Monsieur Vénus, Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Monique Wittig’s Le Corps lesbien. Kayte’s most recent publication ‘Are Drag Kings Still Too Queer for London: From the 19th Century Impersonator to the Drag King of Today’ appears in Sex, Time and Place: Queer Histories of London, c. 1850 to the Present, edited by Simon Avery and Katherine M. Graham. Kayte is currently developing the article ‘F***ing the Body, Rewriting the Text: Proto-queer Gender Expression through Textual Drag in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Monique Wittig’s Le Corps lesbien’, which will be published in a Special Issue of Paragraph, edited by Lisa Downing and Lara Cox, forthcoming 2018.