Nancy Wu



Independent Researcher



International Center of Medieval Art


Nancy Wu (PhD, Columbia, 1996) has focused her research on medieval art and architecture, especially of the Romanesque and Gothic periods. Recent publications include “La Croisée du Transept, une Force Créatrice à Reims,” in Patrick Demouy, dir., La Cathédrale de Reims (PUPS, 2017), and “Retracing the Original North Transept of Reims Cathedral,” in Jennifer M. Feltman, ed., The North Transept of Reims Cathedral: Design, Construction, and Visual Programs (Routledge, 2016). As Senior Managing Museum Educator at The Cloisters, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she has worked on the collection’s medieval architectural elements including “The Portal from Coulangé, A Peripatetic Journey,” in Jennifer M. Feltman and Sarah Thompson, eds., The Long Lives of Medieval Art and Architecture (Routledge, 2019), and “Medieval Architectural Drawings as Works of Art” at the Paper & Parchment: Medieval Music, Architectural Drawings, & Illuminated Books conference at Rice University (2016). With Peter Barnet, she co-authored The Cloisters: Medieval Art and Architecture, a 211-page survey of the Cloisters collection (MMA, 2005, 2012). Nancy has served on the board of the Medieval Academy of America, and is currently a board member of the International Center of Medieval Art.