Bernard F. Batto



Professor Emeritus


Religious Studies


DePauw University


Bernard F. Batto is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana. He holds a Ph.D. (1972) in Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literatures from The Johns Hopkins University, and specializes in the interpretation of the Hebrew Bible within its ancient Near Eastern cultural and historical context, especially Mesopotamia and Canaan. He has served as Old Testament book review editor and as associate editor for The Catholic Biblical Quarterly. His publications range from the specialized interpretation of cuneiform tablets (Studies on Women at Mari, 1974), to broadly based biblical interpretation (Slaying the Dragon: Mythmaking in the Biblical Tradition, 1992), to comparative creation theology (In the Beginning: Essays on Creation Motifs in the Ancient Near East and the Bible, 2013). He is currently working on a history of the development of the Adam and Eve tradition, from it prehistory in ancient Mesopotamia myth to Milton’s Paradise Lost.