Janice Leoshko



Associate Professor


Art History


University of Texas at Austin


Janice Leoshko’s writes about the significance of Buddhism in shaping visual traditions in India and their further development elsewhere. Linking most efforts is an abiding interest in how knowledge is constructed as exemplified by her book, Sacred Traces: British Explorations of Buddhism in the 19th-century (2003). Other work interrogates assumptions about the historical importance and artistic production at specific Buddhist sites (see for example, “About Looking at Buddha Images in Eastern India” and “Buddhist Ruins at Bodh Gaya and Bamiyan”). Her publications have also addressed the influence of Buddhism on Western artists (“What Is in Kim?: Rudyard Kipling and Tibetan Buddhist Traditions” and “Gauguin’s Buddhism”) as well as the impact of museum exhibitions upon the view of Indian religions (“Inside Out: Views of Jain Art” and “Asoka and Museums.”) Recent focus on Sri Lankan art led to her current book project on the significance of Buddhism in the early writing by the major scholar, Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy. She is an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin, teaching in both the Department of Art and Art History as well as the Department of Asian Studies.