Florin Deleanu





Buddhist Studies


International College for Advanced Buddhist Studies


Florin Deleanu (Professor at the International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies, Tokyo, Japan) specializes in Yogācāra and Mainstream Buddhism in India, mainly the history and epistemology of meditation. His publications include The Chapter on the Mundane Path (Laukikamārga) in the Śrāvakabhūmi: A Trilingual Edition (Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese), Annotated Translation, and Introductory Study. Tokyo: The International Institute of Buddhist Studies, 2006; “Agnostic Meditations on Buddhist Meditation”. Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science. Vol. 45 (3) (2010): 605-626; “Meditative Practices in the Bodhisattvabhūmi: Quest for and Liberation through the Thing-In-Itself”. In Ulrich Timme Kragh ed. The Foundation for Yoga Practioners: The Buddhist Yogācārabhūmi Treatise and Its Adaptation in India, East Asia, and Tibet. Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, England: Harvard University Press, 2013; “Reshaping Timelessness: Paradigm Shifts in the Interpretation of Buddhist Meditation”. Journal of the International College for Advanced Buddhist Studies 21 (2017): 1-43; etc. Currently, he works on a monograph dedicated to the formation and evolution of the spiritual cultivation path in Yogācāra Buddhism as well as English translations of the Śrāvakabhūmi and the Laṅkāvatārasūtra.