Lindsey E. DeWitt



Postdoctoral Fellow


Department of Languages and Cultures, Centre for Buddhist Studies


Ghent University


Lindsey E. DeWitt is a Flanders Research Foundation (FWO) Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Languages and Cultures, Centre for Buddhist Studies, Ghent University (Belgium). Dr. DeWitt received her PhD in Asian Languages & Cultures (Buddhist Studies) from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 2015. She held a one-year appointment at Kyushu University as Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Humanities (2015–2016), and a two-year Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship (2016–2018, also affiliated with Kyushu University). Dr. DeWitt's research aims to articulate the social and historical dimensions of religion and culture in Japan, especially as they relate to gender, sacred space, and tradition/heritage. Her current project investigates the social and religious histories of sacred sites that currently ban (or historically banned) women or men.