Clifford Davidson



Professor Emeritus


The Medieval Institute


Western Michigan University


Clifford Davidson is Professor Emeritus of English and Medieval Studies in the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University. He is the author of From Creation to Doom: The York Cycle of Mystery Plays (1984), Illustrations of the Stage and Acting in England to 1580 (1991), Deliver Us from Evil: Symbolic Engagement in Early Drama (2004), Festivals and Plays in Late Medieval Britain (2007), and others. He is the editor of The Tretise of Miraclis Pleyinge, (with Pamela King) The Coventry Corpus Christi Plays, and (with Peter Happé) The Worlde and the Chylde, and is presently preparing a TEAMS edition of the York Corpus Christi plays. He has published numerous articles in major American and international scholarly journals, and for many years was an editor of Comparative Drama. As director of the Early Drama, Art, and Music project in the Medieval Institute (see and his involvement with the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies, he was an active medievalist with broad interdisciplinary interests in the field. He also served as dramatic director for a number of medieval liturgical dramas. In 1985, he was named Distinguished Faculty Scholar by his university.