Maria Bendinelli Predelli



Professor Emerita


Italian Studies


McGill University


A graduate from the University of Florence (1966), Maria Bendinelli Predelli is now Professor Emerita, having served as Chef de la Section d’études italiennes at Université de Montréal from 1976 to1986 and Chair of the Department of Italian Studies at McGill University from1990 to 1999. Her research focuses mainly on the relationships between French and Italian chivalric literature of the Middle Ages. Her publications include Alle origini del Bel Gherardino (1990), Cantari e dintorni (1999), Storie e cantari medievali (2019) as well as numerous articles published in collective volumes and in the journal Letteratura italiana antica. She provided critical editions of two cantari by Antonio Pucci (Gismirante, Madonna Leonessa, with English translation, 2013), La Struzione della Tavola Ritonda, and La guerra di Pisa by Antonio Pucci (2017). She contributed the article Cantari italiani to the Oxford Bibliographies in Medieval Studies (2015). In 2003 she was awarded the “Stella dell’Ordine della Solidarietà Italiana” by the Italian Government.