Amanda Lucia



Associate Professor


Religious Studies


University of California, Riverside


Amanda J. Lucia is an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at University of California, Riverside where she is a Co-Director of the Institute for the Study of Immigration and Religion. Lucia’s current book project is an ethnographic study of the practices of spirituality as they are constructed in festival environments in the United States. Her first book, Reflections of Amma: Devotees in a Global Embrace (2014) investigated transnationalism and gender in a global guru movement. More broadly, her research engages American religions and Hinduism by focusing on religious encounters between North Americans and South Asians since the early-19th century. After earning a BA in Religion and India Studies at Indiana University, she completed her MA and PhD in the History of Religions at the The University of Chicago. Her current interests include guru authority and sexuality, the logics of bricolage spirituality, and the politics of cultural representation.