Harry T. Dickinson



Emeritus Richard Lodge Professor of British History


School of History


University of Edinburgh


HARRY T DICKINSON has taught and supervised at the University of Edinburgh since 1966 and was Richard Lodge Professor of British History from 1980 to 2006. He is now an emeritus professor there as well as being a concurrent professor at Nanjing University and at South East University in China. A former President of the Historical Association of Great Britain and twice Vice President of the Royal Historical Society, he has authored and edited many volumes, including Bolingbroke, Walpole and the Whig Supremacy, Caricatures and the Constitution 1760-1832, Liberty and Property: Political Ideology in Eighteenth-Century Britain, The Politics of the People in Eighteenth-Century Britain, Britain and the American Revolution, Britain and the French Revolution, British Pamphlets on the American Revolution (8 vols.), and Ireland in the Age of Revolution (6 vols.).