Kylie Peppler



Associate Professor




University of California, Irvine


Dr. Peppler is an associate professor of Informatics & Education at University of California, Irvine who engages in research that focuses on the intersection of arts, computational technologies and interest-driven learning. Dr. Peppler earned an NSF early CAREER award for her work on how e-textiles and other computational construction kits popularized through the Maker movement can deepen learning and broaden participation across a range of STEM fields. Dr. Peppler is the author or editor of over 10 books published by a range of outlets, including MIT Press, Peter Lang, Routledge, SAGE Publications, and Teachers College Press. Her work has been consistently supported by the National Science Foundation as well as a range of foundations, federal and industry partners, including the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, the Wallace Foundation, among others.