Brenda L. Dervin



Professor Emeritus




Ohio State University


Brenda Dervin is emeritus full professor and social science fellow in communication, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. She has emphasized methodological development and philosophy of communication in her projects, principally focusing on Sense-Making Methodology designed to research and implement communication as communication in any context. She has argued that most research focusing on communication has focused primarily on communication as transmission rather than on interpretive dialogue. Her methodological work has been applied in numerous “user” studies -- focusing on clients, patients, audiences, readers, etc. – in many contexts. She has been an active member and award recipient in the International Communication Association, the Association for Research in Information Science and Technology, and the International Association of Media and Communication. She continues to be a highly cited and prolific author. She earned a PhD in communication from Michigan State University; and holds an honoraria doctorate in social sciences from University of Helsinki.