Raymond Holden



Professor of Public Engagement



Royal Academy of Music


Raymond Holden was born in Australia in 1954, studied at Sydney, Cologne and London and has worked as a conductor, writer, broadcaster and lecturer. He has performed with the Philharmonia Orchestra, the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Emilia Romagna and the New Symphony Orchestra of London; has been published regularly by ICA, EMI and Warner Classics, Hans Schneider Verlag (Vienna) and Oxford, Cambridge and Yale University Presses; has appeared on BBC Television and Radio, Servus TV (Germany), RAI Television and Radio, ABC Classic FM, 3MBS FM, Vision Australia Radio and Classic FM (South Africa), and has spoken at many of the world’s leading festivals, universities, conservatoires and research institutes, including those in London, Oxford, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Oslo, Helsinki, Singapore, Stellenbosch, Sheffield, Keele, Augsburg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, America and Glyndebourne. Currently, he is the Royal Academy of Music’s Professor of Public Engagement.