Matilda Ann Butkas Ertz



Lecturer and Instructor


School of Music


University of Louisville


Dr. Matilda Ann Butkas Ertz is on the faculty at the University of Louisville School of Music and the Youth Performing Arts School. She has a PhD in Musicology from the University of Oregon preceded by degrees in piano performance, pedagogy, and music education. As a musicologist also trained in dance (and still dancing), Dr. Ertz studies music and dance, particularly ballet music from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She has published research on George Balanchine, Schneitzhoeffer’s score to Filippo Taglioni’s La Sylphide, Nijinska’s and Stravinsky’s Les Noces, Salvatore Viganò’s La Vestale, and supernatural characters and their music in the Italian ballo fantastico. Recent research includes "Risorgimento Themes in Italian Ballets of the Nineteenth Century" and "Nineteenth-century theatrical ballabile and the Italian ball as social and political discourse of the Risorgimento." Her dissertation “Nineteenth-century Italian Ballet Music before National Unification” is focused on manuscripts from the Harvard Theatre Collection (where she also completed a visiting fellowship) and the New York Public Library Research Collections. Ertz is an active member of the American Musicological Society and especially its Music and Dance Study Group, which she co-chaired from 2017-2019.