Jouni Filip Maho



Independent Scholar




Jouni Filip Maho is an independent scholar/teacher. He received a Ph.D. in African linguistics from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1999. He has since then worked mostly with comparative Bantu studies and bibliography surveys of African linguistics. He is the author and/or compiler of Few People, Many Tongues: The Languagtes of Namibia (1998), A Comparative Study of Bantu Noun Classes (1999), The Languages of Tanzania: A Bibliography (with Bonny Sands, 2002), The Bantu Bibliography (2008), as well as the Web-Bibliography for African Languages and Linguistics (with Guillaume Segerer). He has also updated Malcolm Guthrie's well-known referential classification of the Bantu languages (published in the anthology The Bantu Languages, ed. by Derek Nurse & Gérard Philippson, 2003).