Briony Enser




Faculty of Health and Life Sciences


Oxford Brookes University


Briony Enser is a member of the Prevention Science Group at Oxford Brookes University where she also acts as sometime associate lecturer in Public Health, most recently delivering the postgraduate Substance Misuse module in 2018. Prior to obtaining her doctorate and moving into academic research, she was a Public Health Principal in the U.K. Department of Health, where she devoted more than ten years to the pursuit of policy developments to prevent or mitigate lifestyle harms from alcohol, drugs, smoking and obesity. Her present research objectives target Drug and Alcohol-Related Collateral harms (DARC harms) with a primary focus on Alcohol-Related Collateral harms (ARC harms) in children and young adults. A broader aim is to draw on her experience of the two disparate worlds of Government policy development and academic research to facilitate better understanding between them and, through that, to achieve better, more effective Public Health interventions. David Foxcroft is Professor of Community Psychology and Public Health at Oxford Brookes University. His programme of work is focused on understanding (and improving) behaviour in context, especially how social structures (e.g. families, schools, communities, employers, regulation, government) can support improved health and wellbeing in communities and populations. A focus is the prevention of risk behaviours in children and young people, and he is also involved in the Prevention Science Group.