Michael Matheny





United States Army War College


Dr. Michael R. Matheny is a member of the faculty of the U.S. Army War College serving as Professor of Military Strategy and Operations. He is the senior instructor for the Basic Strategic Art Program, the basic officer course for Army strategists. A thirty year veteran of the U.S. Army, he retired as a colonel in 2003. While on active duty he served as an armor officer and as a planner at division, corps, and joint levels in Europe, Japan, and the United States. He has taught at the Armor School, the United States Military Academy, and at the Army War College. He is a graduate of the School of Advanced Military Studies and the Naval War College. Dr. Matheny holds the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Dayton, a Master of Arts in History from Wright State University, a Masters Degree in Military Art and Science, and a Masters Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies. In 2007 he earned a Ph.D. in history from Temple University. He is the author of Carrying the War to the Enemy: American Operational Art to 1945.