Anthony Tully



Independent Scholar




Anthony Tully is a Consulting Historian and author, and with Jon Parshall co-author of the best-selling Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway. He authored The Battle of Surigao Strait from University of Indiana Press. Anthony Tully is Managing-Editor of the historical site. With Jon Parshall, and David Dickson identified remains of the Japanese carrier Kaga in 1999 for Nauticos/NAVO. He has published articles for periodicals including Warship International, Naval Institute Proceedings, Naval War College Review, Maru Special, America in WW II, and Oxford Bibliographies. In his capacity as a Consulting Historian, served as fact-checker and historical consultant on the "Battle 360" History Channel series, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel, and made numerous presentations. Having advised in search expeditions is currently serving as consultant with Vulcan Inc. and assisted in the identification and documentation of the wrecks of the Battles of Wake Island, Surigao Strait, Ormoc Bay, Coral Sea, and USS Juneau. Other writing interests include Romano-Byzantine History, Volcanism, Medieval, and Science-Fiction. A graduate of Texas Tech University B.A., with postgraduate studies, Anthony currently works as Manager in I/T and Customer Support for the business. He is presently at work on a third book.