Guofu Liu



Professor of Law


Law School


Beijing Institute of Technology


LIU, Guofu is the Professor of the Faculty of Law, the BIT, China, the Migration Research and Publishing High Level Adviser of the IOM, the Vice President of the Overseas Chinese History Society of China. He published many monographs, papers and reports on migration law and refugee law, including The Right of Leave and Return and Chinese Migration Law (Brill/Nijhoff), Chinese Immigration Law (Ashgate), Assessment of the Migrant Worker Complaint Mechanism in China (IOM and ILO), China Policy on Readmission (Repatriation) of Illegal Migrants (IOM), “COVID-19 and the Human Rights of Nationals Abroad” (AJIL), Chinese Refugee Law (Brill/Nijhoff), International Refugee Law (Worder Affairs Press), and A Study of Nationality Law (Worder Affairs Press). He holds a LLB (ZZU, China), LLM (CUPL, China), Ph.D. (UTS, Australia) and Humboldt Fellow (German).