Tim Hall





Interdisciplinary Social Studies


The University of Winchester


Tim Hall is Professor of Interdisciplinary Social Studies and Head of the Department of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Winchester. He is a Human Geographer by background who has conducted research into cities and urban change; geography, pedagogy and higher education; and more recently globalization and crime. He is the author and editor of a number of books including Urban Geography (5th edition with Heather Barrett, Routledge 2018), The Economic Geographies of Organized Crime (Guilford, 2018), The Illicit and Illegal in the Development and Governance of Cities and Regions: Corrupt Places (edited with Francesco Chiodelli and Ray Hudson, Routledge 2017), An Introduction to Human Geography (edited with Peter Daniels, Michael Bradshaw, Denis Shaw, and James Sidaway, 2016 Pearson) and Pedagogic Research in Geography in Higher Education (edited with Martin Haigh and Debby Cotton). His research has also been published in journals such as Area, Journal of Geography in Higher Education, The Geographical Journal and Progress in Human Geography.