Richard L. Wilson



Visiting Professor


Arts and Science


International Christian University


Richard L. Wilson holds a B.A. from Franklin and Marshall and a Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Kansas. He specializes in Japanese painting, craft design and archaeology of the Edo and Meiji periods. As a Fulbright and Japan Studies Fellow, he studied the history of art and studio ceramics at Kyoto City University of Fine Arts. After a decade of teaching at Rice University in the U.S., he moved to International Christian University in Tokyo, where he is Professor of Japanese Art and Archaeology. Among his books and articles are: Ogata Kenzan: His Life and Work (with Ogasawara Saeko; Tokyo: Yuzankaku, 1992); Inside Japanese Ceramics: A Primer of Materials, Techniques, and Traditions、(New York: Weatherhill, 1995), Introduction to Kenzan Ware (with Ogasawara Saeko; Tokyo: Yuzankaku, 1999); The Potter's Brush: The Kenzan Style in Japanese Ceramics、(Washington D.C.: Smithsonian Institution, 2001), and Kamisaka Sekka: Dawn of Modern Japanese Design (with K. Trinh and J. Szostak; Sydney: Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2012). He is presently working on a book-length history of Japanese ceramics.