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Classics Greek Religion
Angelos Chaniotis
  • LAST REVIEWED: 15 February 2010
  • LAST MODIFIED: 15 February 2010
  • DOI: 10.1093/obo/9780195389661-0058


Because of the importance of Greek religion and mythology for the study of literature and philosophy, but also for art and theology, interest in this field began earlier than the systematic study of most other fields of Classical studies (e.g., archaeology and ancient history). In the course of two centuries, the study of Greek religion has moved from the study of myths of gods and heroes to a historical, sociological, and anthropological approach that emphasizes the position of religious beliefs and activities in the life of the Greeks and the Hellenized populations of the larger Greek world (colonies and conquered territories), both in the poleis and in other types of communal organization. This bibliography does not reflect the history of the discipline and the influence of different theoretical approaches (myth-and-ritual theory, structuralism, behavioral theory, psychoanalysis, etc.). Instead, it presents important tools for the study of Greek religion (bibliographies, series, journals, works of reference), where one can find further information on sources and studies. It also provides a very basic orientation to the main aspects of Greek religion and current discussions. Mythology, naturally relevant for the study of Greek religion, is not comprehensively covered by this bibliography. Because of the limited space, there is an emphasis on recent studies, where one can find earlier bibliography. This bibliography considers as “Greek religion” not only the religion of the Greeks but also, in the Hellenistic and Roman Imperial periods, the religion of areas where the source material is primarily in the Greek language (Asia Minor, Egypt, the Near East).


The bibliographical guide Mentor (Motte, et al. 1992; Motte, et al. 1998) allows a quick and reliable orientation in the field of Greek religion c. 1914–1990; this should be the starting point for all research. For publications after 1990, one may consult the annual “Chronique bibliographique” in the journal Kernos. New archaeological and epigraphic finds are presented both there and in the “Epigraphic Bulletin for Greek Religion” in the same journal.

  • “Chronique archéologique.” 2001–. Kernos 14–.

    From 2001 onward, a team of specialists has presented in the “Chronique archéologique” annual reports about new archaeological discoveries pertaining to Greek religion; the reports are organized geographically and are an excellent source of information on new developments in the archaeology of Greek religion.

  • “Chronique bibliographique.” 1987–. Kernos 1–.

    From 1987 onward, the “Chronique bibliographique” has presented an annual bibliographical bulletin for Greek religion.

  • “Epigraphic bulletin for Greek religion.” 1991–. Kernos 4–.

    Founded in 1991, the “Epigraphic Bulletin for Greek Religion” annually presents critical summaries of epigraphic publications concerning Greek religion (new inscriptions, discussions of inscriptions, religious studies based on inscriptions). A concise index allows search of selected subjects, geographical areas, and Greek words in approximately 4,300 summaries of books and articles.

  • Motte, André, Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge, and Paul Wathelet, eds. 1992. Mentor: Guide bibliographique de la religion grecque. Kernos Supplément 2. Liège, Belgium: Université de Liège.

    Annotated bibliography of Greek religion including 2,060 titles (mostly 1914–1985) with critical remarks; a detailed index (French and English) permits an elaborate search; an extremely valuable bibliographical guide; very useful for students.

  • Motte, André, Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge, and Paul Wathelet, eds. 1998. Mentor 2: 1986–1990; Guide bibliographique de la religion grecque. Kernos Supplément 6. Liège, Belgium: Université de Liège.

    The second volume of the annotated bibliography of Greek religion covers 1,310 recent publications (1986–1990); an indispensable bibliographical guide.

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