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Early Modern Philosophy, 1600-1750

Antonia LoLordo

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2016-08-30

Early Modern Philosophy, 1600–1750IntroductionIn 21st century academic philosophy, “early modern philosophy” refers to the study of texts written in a...

Eastern Orthodox Philosophical Thought

Rico Vitz

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2021-11-23

Eastern Orthodox Philosophical ThoughtIntroductionsThe Orthodox Christian Church is one of the largest religious groups within Christendom, second onl...

Education, Philosophy of

Michael A. Peters, Marek Tesar, Kirsten Locke

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2014-02-25

Philosophy of Education Introduction Philosophy of education is the philosophical study of education, often understood as a field of applied p...


Michael Brady

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2010-05-10

EmotionIntroductionEmotions occupy a central place in our lives and are increasingly the object of philosophical attention. It is not easy, however, t...

Engineering, Philosophy and Ethics of

Pieter E. Vermaas, Ibo Van de Poel, Rafaela Hillerbrand

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Philosophy and Ethics of EngineeringIntroductionThe field of philosophy and ethics of engineering is a relatively new one. It has its predecessors wit...

Environmental Philosophy

Andrew Brennan, Norva Lo

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2017-03-30

Environmental PhilosophyIntroductionEnvironmental philosophy took off in the 1970s through engaging a key question: are human lives and experiences th...


Tim O'Keefe

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2015-04-29

EpicurusIntroductionEpicurus (b. c. 341–d. 271 bce) was one of the most influential philosophers of the Hellenistic period, the two centuries or so fo...

Epistemic Basing Relation

Daniel M. Mittag

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2014-04-28

Epistemic Basing Relation Introduction One traditional epistemological view holds that epistemic justification is necessary for knowledge. One...

Epistemic Defeat

Patrick Bondy, Dustin Olson

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2019-08-28

Epistemic DefeatIntroductionEpistemic defeat has to do with the lowering, eliminating, or general downgrading of positive epistemic statuses, especial...

Epistemic Injustice

Miranda Fricker

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2015-08-31

Epistemic Injustice Introduction The term “epistemic injustice” was introduced to the literature in the monograph of that name, Epistemic Inju...

Epistemic Justification

Peter Graham

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2011-06-29

Epistemic Justification Introduction The theory of epistemic justification is one of the central topics in epistemology, and thus in philosophy...

Epistemic Philosophy of Logic

Joe Salerno

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2011-06-29

Epistemic Philosophy of Logic Introduction Epistemic logic is the study of the principles of inference and the formal semantics of knowledge, b...


Jeremy Fantl, Matthew McGrath, Ernest Sosa

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2010-05-10

Epistemology Introduction Much epistemological work in the Western tradition focuses on the nature of knowledge—its sources, significance, and ...

Epistemology and Active Externalism

J. Adam Carter, S. Orestis Palermos

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2015-09-29

Epistemology and Active Externalism Introduction Recently, there has been a growing interest in topics at the intersection of epistemology and...

Epistemology of Education

J. Adam Carter, Ben Kotzee

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2015-10-26

Epistemology of Education Introduction During the late 20th and early 21st centuries, increasing overlap has emerged between projects in mains...

Epistemology, Bayesian

Jürgen Landes

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2021-01-12

Bayesian EpistemologyIntroductionEveryone agrees that it is good to know. We however believe many more things than we know, which has made the notion ...

Epistemology, Feminist

Alessandra Tanesini

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Feminist Epistemology Introduction Feminist epistemology and philosophy of science is the study of the significance of gender for the acquisit...

Epistemology, Internalism and Externalism in

Mylan Engel

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2020-10-28

Internalism and Externalism in EpistemologyIntroductionThe internalism/externalism distinction in epistemology applies to both theories of justificati...

Epistemology, Moral

Aaron Zimmerman

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2014-08-26

Moral Epistemology Introduction Moral epistemology is the study of moral knowledge and related phenomena. The recorded history of work in the ...

Ethical Consequentialism

Tim Mulgan

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2011-06-29

Ethical ConsequentialismIntroductionConsequentialism ties moral evaluation to the value of consequences or outcomes. In contemporary moral philosophy,...

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