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Early Explorers, The

Peter C. Mancall

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2015-03-30

The Early ExplorersIntroductionEarly explorers played a crucial role in both ecological transformations in the early modern era (c. 1400–1800) and in ...

Earth’s Climate, The

Justin Schoof

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2016-02-25

The Earth’s ClimateIntroductionClimate science focuses on the behavior of the climate system, which consists of the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the c...

Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics

Thomas W. Schoener

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2013-10-29

Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics Introduction The effect of ecological change on evolution has been a standard scientific theme for many years, but t...

Ecological Dynamics in Fragmented Landscapes

Jaboury Ghazoul

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2014-05-29

Ecological Dynamics in Fragmented Landscapes Introduction Dramatic changes in landscape composition and increasing concerns about global biodi...

Ecological Education

Paul Ganderton

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2021-05-26

Ecological EducationIntroductionEcological education is the process of creating an ecological understanding or literacy whose dimensions and parameter...

Ecological Engineering

Patrick Kangas

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2019-06-26

Ecological EngineeringIntroductionEcological engineering is a hybrid discipline developed for solving certain kinds of environmental problems. The con...

Ecological Forecasting

Michael C. Dietze, Colin Averill, John Foster, Kathryn Wheeler

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2018-09-25

Ecological ForecastingIntroductionEcologists have long tried to predict how natural systems will behave in the future, or in response to manipulative ...

Ecological Informatics

Friedrich Recknagel

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2017-05-24

Ecological InformaticsIntroductionThe emerging discipline of ecological informatics takes into account the data-intensive nature of ecology, the preci...

Ecological Relevance of Speciation

Glen R. Hood, Scott P. Egan

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2018-01-11

Ecological Relevance of SpeciationIntroductionIn 1859, Charles Darwin described the formation of new species as “that mystery of mysteries.” Some 150 ...

Ecology of Emerging Zoonotic Viruses

Vincent Munster, Seth Judson, Michael Letko

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2018-02-22

Ecology of Emerging Zoonotic VirusesIntroductionAs an emerging and evolving discipline, viral ecology has yet to be as thoroughly defined as other fie...

Ecology of the Atlantic Forest

Elise Damstra-Oddy, Cristina Banks-Leite

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2021-01-12

Ecology of the Atlantic ForestIntroductionExtending along the southern coast of Brazil, into Argentina and Paraguay, the Atlantic Forest is a domain t...

Ecology, Introductory Sources in

Paul A. Keddy

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2012-11-21

Introductory Sources in EcologyIntroductionThe word “ecology” comes from the Greek word oikos, meaning “house,” and refers to the study of the living ...

Ecology, Microbial (Community)

Sang-Hoon Lee, Ashley Shade

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2016-06-28

Microbial (Community) EcologyIntroductionMicroorganisms, including bacteria, archaea, fungi, and microeukaryotes, serve as the biological foundations ...

Ecology, Stochastic Processes in

Kohmei Kadowaki

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2019-08-28

Stochastic Processes in EcologyIntroductionChance events (such as lightning strikes or floods) occur commonly in nature. In ecology, random events tha...

Ecosystem Ecology

J.C. Moore

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2018-08-28

Ecosystem EcologyIntroductionEcosystem ecology is a branch of study and thinking within the ecological sciences that focuses on the ecosystem—a dynami...

Ecosystem Engineers

Andrew H. Altieri

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2015-03-10

Ecosystem Engineers Introduction Ecosystem engineers are organisms that modify, maintain and/or create habitat. The term was originally propos...

Ecosystem Multifunctionality

Peter K. Manning

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2017-03-30

Ecosystem MultifunctionalityIntroductionEcosystem multifunctionality can be defined as the ability of an ecosystem to provide multiple functions and s...

Ecosystem Services

Forest Isbell

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2014-02-25

Ecosystem Services Introduction Investigations of ecosystem services have journeyed from discussing how people depend on nature, through refin...

Ecosystem Services, Conservation of

Alejandra Echeverri, Kai M. A. Chan

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2017-07-26

Conservation of Ecosystem ServicesIntroductionAs the processes by which nature renders benefits for people, ecosystem services are fundamental to heal...


Nicole M. Ardoin, Alison W. Bowers

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

Ecotourism Introduction Although most agree that the term ecotourism was coined in the early 1980s, many researchers also suggest earlier root...

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