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Israeli Economy

Paul Rivlin

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2015-08-31

Israeli Economy Introduction The achievements of the Israeli economy since 1948 have been immense. The population has grown from 750,000 at in...

Israeli Film

Raya Morag, Rachel S. Harris

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2016-05-26

Israeli FilmIntroductionThe canon of Israeli/Jewish/Hebrew cinema studies proposes a unitary conception in regard to the major periods, genres, and tr...

Israeli Literature

Shai Ginsburg

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2016-08-30

Israeli LiteratureIntroductionThe question of what constitutes “Israeli literature” is not only a literary or cultural question, but a political one a...

Jewish American Women Writers in the 18th and 19th Centuries

Irina Rabinovich

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2020-07-29

Jewish American Women Writers in the 18th and 19th CenturiesIntroductionWhile the only existing substantial writings by Jewish women in 18th-century N...

Jewish Bible Translations

Leonard J. Greenspoon

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2016-05-26

Jewish Bible TranslationsIntroductionThe first translations of the Bible, the Septuagint (from Hebrew into Greek) and the Targums (from Hebrew into Ar...

Jewish Culture, Children and Childhood in

Tali Berner

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2018-01-11

Children and Childhood in Jewish CultureIntroductionThe study of children and childhood in the past and present is relatively new to Jewish studies. W...

Jewish Economic History

Cornelia Aust

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2015-04-29

Jewish Economic HistoryIntroductionJewish economic history comprises the economic activities of Jews, their economic and social position as a minority...

Jewish Folklore, Chełm in

Ruth von Bernuth

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2018-01-11

Chełm in Jewish FolkloreIntroductionThe collected tales of the wise men of Chelm constitute the best-known folktale tradition of the Jews of eastern E...

Jewish Genetics

Noah Tamarkin

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2015-10-26

Jewish Genetics Introduction Like other research on human heredity and biological relationships, Jewish genetics has seen a surge in new resea...

Jewish Heritage and Cultural Revival in Poland

Marta Duch-Dyngosz

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2021-07-28

Jewish Heritage and Cultural Revival in PolandIntroductionInterest in the Jewish heritage and Jewish communities of Central and Eastern Europe, includ...

Jewish Names

Shlomit Landman

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2015-11-30

Jewish Names Introduction The term anthroponym includes given names and surnames. The science of given names and surnames and toponyms is onom...

Jewish Studies, Dance in

Nina Spiegel

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2018-07-24

Dance in Jewish StudiesIntroductionThe study of dance and Jewish life is a more recent and emerging field in Jewish studies. In Jewish religious pract...

Jewish Territorialism (in Relation to Jewish Studies)

Laura Almagor

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2017-08-23

Jewish Territorialism (in Relation to Jewish Studies)IntroductionThe Jewish Territorialist movement was first organized in 1905 when, at the Seventh Z...

Jewish-Christian Polemics Until the 15th Century

Nina Caputo

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2013-10-29

Jewish-Christian Polemics until the 15th Century Introduction This article focuses on the history of Jewish-Christian polemics from Late Antiq...

Joseph Ber Soloveitchik

Alan Brill, Alex Ozar

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2021-09-22

Joseph Ber SoloveitchikIntroductionJoseph Ber Soloveitchik (b. 1904–d. 1993) was a major 20th-century American Orthodox rabbi, Talmudist, and modern J...

Josephus, Flavius

Steve Mason

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2012-08-29

Flavius JosephusIntroductionWhen scholars speak of the history of Judaea in the early Roman period, they invariably depend on the work of Flavius Jose...

Kalonymus Kalman Shapira

Ariel Evan Mayse, Daniel Reiser, Don Seeman

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2021-02-24

Kalonymus Kalman ShapiraIntroductionRabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira (b. 1889–d. 1943), otherwise known as the Piaseczner Rebbe, was a creative mystical...


Barry Dov Walfish, Mikhail Kizilov

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2014-07-30

Karaism Introduction The Karaites are Jewish sectarians with roots in Babylonia and Persia in the 8th century who came into their own as a dis...


Amelia Glaser, Taras Koznarsky

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2017-07-26

Chmielnitzki/KhmelnytskyIntroductionBohdan Khmelnytsky (c. 1595–1657) was the Cossack hetman who led the 1648 uprising against the Polish magnates in ...

Kibbutz, The

Shlomo Getz

Subject: Jewish Studies »

Date Added: 2014-09-29

The Kibbutz Introduction The first kibbutz was founded in 1910 and since then more and more kibbutzim were established, first in Palestine und...

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