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Gabelentz, Georg von der

Els Elffers

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2020-01-15

Georg von der GabelentzIntroductionHans Georg Conon von der Gabelentz (b. 1840–d. 1893) was a versatile and productive German linguist. He did not bel...


Jenny Audring

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2011-10-28

Gender Introduction Grammatical gender is a feature of nouns, reflected on elements that agree with them. In nouns, gender is an invariable lex...

Genealogical Classification

Søren Wichmann

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2013-04-22

Genealogical Classification Introduction In spite of a long tradition of linguists dealing empirically with the classification of languages, g...

Generative Syntax

Knut Tarald Taraldsen

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2011-10-28

Generative Syntax Introduction Generative syntax is a major subfield of generative grammar, an outgrowth of American structuralism in its insis...

Genetics and Language

Dan Dediu, Sarah Graham

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2014-03-27

Genetics and Language Introduction This article surveys what is currently known about the complex interplay between genetics and the language ...


Adam Kendon

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2011-10-28

Gestures Introduction This article, after listing recent general works and surveys, is organized first to reflect the historical development of...

Grammar, Categorial

Glyn Morrill

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2019-08-28

Categorial GrammarIntroductionThe term “categorial grammar” refers to a variety of approaches to syntax and semantics in which expressions are categor...

Grammar, Construction

Mirjam Fried

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2014-03-27

Construction Grammar Introduction Construction Grammar was originally developed as a monotonic, constraint-based framework whose conceptual ba...

Grammar, Descriptive

Willem de Reuse

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2019-09-25

Descriptive GrammarIntroductionFor purposes of space, this bibliography excludes works focusing only on descriptive phonology, although, strictly spea...

Grammar, Functional Discourse

Inge Genee

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2019-05-29

Functional Discourse GrammarIntroductionFunctional Discourse Grammar (FDG) is an expanded version of the Functional Grammar framework developed by Sim...

Grammars, Phrase Structure

Frank Van Eynde

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2014-05-29

Phrase Structure GrammarsIntroductionPhrase structure grammars model the internal structure of a sentence in terms of a hierarchically organized repre...


D. Gary Miller, Elly van Gelderen

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2011-10-28

GrammaticalizationIntroductionThe essence of grammaticalization is the evolution of a lexical category to a grammatical one or of a hybrid/functional ...

Harris, Zellig

Robert F. Barsky

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2017-01-11

Zellig HarrisIntroductionZellig Harris (b. 1909–d. 1992) was a noted linguist whose work contributed to American anthropology, methodologies of scient...

Heritage Languages

Maria Polinsky

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2011-10-28

Heritage Languages Introduction Heritage languages are spoken by early bilinguals, simultaneous or sequential, whose home language (L1) is seve...

History of Linguistics

John E. Joseph

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2014-04-28

History of Linguistics Introduction The term linguistics is a product of the 19th century, as are the academic field and the form of enquiry t...

History of the English Language

Ans van Kemenade, Bettelou Los

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2013-04-22

History of the English LanguageIntroductionThe study of the history of the English language has a long and rich tradition, starting with a range of ed...

Hmong-Mien Languages

David Mortensen

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2014-01-13

Hmong-Mien Languages Introduction Hmong-Mien is a compact language family of East and Southeast Asia. Its speakers are found primarily in sout...

Hokan Languages

Carmen Jany

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2013-05-28

Hokan LanguagesIntroductionHokan languages are a number of languages grouped together not as a language family, but as a linguistic stock, a series of...


Lucien Brown

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2020-08-26

HonorificsIntroductionHonorifics are linguistic forms that are used prototypically to express regard or esteem toward an entity worthy of respect, mos...

Humor in Language

Salvatore Attardo

Subject: Linguistics »

Date Added: 2014-05-29

Humor in Language Introduction The field of humor research developed as an autonomous area of research in the mid-1970s, as the first scholarl...

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