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Gender and Art in the 17th Century

Frima Fox Hofrichter

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2020-07-29

Gender and Art in the 17th CenturyIntroductionGender and Art in the 17th Century is a large and growing theme in art historical research, as aspects o...

Gender and Art in the Middle Ages

Martha Easton

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2016-09-28

Gender and Art in the Middle AgesIntroductionThe analysis of medieval art through the lens of gender could be said to have had its genesis with the ov...

Gender and Art in the Renaissance

Joyce de Vries

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2016-11-28

Gender and Art in the RenaissanceIntroductionThere is a large body of scholarship on the many topics related to gender and art in Renaissance Europe (

Géricault, Théodore

Nina M. Athanassoglou-Kallmyer

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2017-02-28

Théodore GéricaultIntroductionThéodore Géricault (b. 1791–d. 1824) has traditionally been evoked as the iconic Romantic artist-hero. Young, attractive...


Jaynie Anderson

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2021-06-23

GiorgioneIntroductionGiorgione was a Venetian painter who was born at Castelfranco, some fifty kilometers from Venice, in 1473/74. His life ended trag...

Giotto di Bondone

Mark Sandona, Anne Derbes

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Giotto di Bondone Introduction Giotto di Bondone is universally acknowledged to be an artist of surpassing genius, celebrated for his extraord...

Gothic Architecture

Robert Bork, Marc Schurr

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2018-07-24

Gothic ArchitectureIntroductionThe architectural tradition now known as Gothic flourished across most of Europe throughout the later Middle Ages, prod...

Gothic Art in Italy

Nancy Thompson

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2020-02-26

Gothic Art in ItalyIntroductionThis article covers a period in Italy, c. 1250 to c. 1400, often characterized as the beginnings of the Renaissance in ...

Goya y Lucientes, Francisco José

Janis Tomlinson

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2016-03-31

Francisco José Goya y LucientesIntroductionFrancisco José Goya y Lucientes (1746–1828), whose name sometimes includes the noble “de” that Goya himself...


Nicholas Ganz

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2021-01-12

GraffitiIntroductionGraffiti can be seen as one of the most original art forms of mankind, with origins, according to some scholars, dating back as fa...

Great Zimbabwe and its Legacy

William J. Dewey

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2020-02-26

Great Zimbabwe and its LegacyIntroductionGreat Zimbabwe is arguably one of the largest (area-wise), and most impressive archaeological sites in southe...

Greek Art and Architecture

Richard Neer

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Greek Art and Architecture ...

Greenberg, Clement

John O'Brian, Jessica Law, Jeff O'Brien

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2016-11-28

Clement GreenbergIntroductionClement Greenberg (b. 1909–d. 1994) was the most influential and controversial art critic of his time. His writings in de...

Iconography in the Western World

Colum Hourihane

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Iconography in the Western WorldIntroductionIconography is the description, classification, and interpretation of the subject matter of a work of art....

Installation Art

Julie Reiss

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Installation ArtIntroduction“Installation art” is a term applied to room-sized works of art that are large enough for the viewer to enter. While the t...

Islamic Art and Architecture in North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula

Jonathan Bloom

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2018-04-26

Islamic Art and Architecture in North Africa and the Iberian PeninsulaIntroductionThis article deals with the literature on architecture and art (but ...

Japanese Architecture

Ken Tadashi Oshima

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Japanese ArchitectureIntroductionJapanese architecture has long had varying expressions and historical interpretations both inside and outside the geo...

Japanese Buddhist Sculpture

Sherry Fowler, Yui Suzuki

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2022-02-21

Japanese Buddhist SculptureIntroductionThe official history of Japanese Buddhist sculpture purportedly begins when emissaries from the Korean kingdom ...

Japanese Ceramics

Richard L. Wilson

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2020-03-25

Japanese CeramicsIntroductionFrom its inception in the late 19th century up to the 1970s, modern scholarship in Japanese ceramics was largely bifurcat...

Japanese Literati Painting and Calligraphy

Patricia J. Graham, Frank L. Chance

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2021-02-24

Japanese Literati Painting and CalligraphyIntroductionLiterati painting in Japan is generally referred to as Bunjinga (literati painting; Ch. Wen ren ...

Jewish Art, Ancient

Mati Meyer

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2017-07-26

Jewish Art, AncientIntroductionThe present article considers the visual material of the Jewish world from biblical times through the early Byzantine e...

Jewish Art, Medieval to Early Modern

Katrin Kogman-Appel

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2017-04-27

Jewish Art, Medieval to Early ModernIntroductionThe first work of Jewish art to attract scholarly attention toward the end of the nineteenth century w...

Jewish Art, Modern and Contemporary

Maya Balakirsky Katz

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Jewish Art, Modern and ContemporaryIntroductionThis article takes a minimalist approach to the designation of “Jewish” in the category of “Jewish art,...

Jones, Inigo

Vaughan Hart

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2017-09-27

Inigo JonesIntroductionInigo Jones (b. 1573–d. 1652) is widely acknowledged to have been England’s most important architect. He was also the single-mo...

Kahlo, Frida

Adriana Zavala

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2017-03-30

Frida KahloIntroductionAlthough Frida Kahlo (b. 1907–d. 1954) is one of the world’s most widely recognized artists, that attention is often focused mo...

Katsushika Hokusai

Matthi Forrer

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2020-11-24

Katsushika HokusaiIntroductionWhile the best-known Japanese artwork is the iconic “Great Wave,” less known is that this was a creation of the artist H...

Lastman, Pieter

Amy Golahny

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2016-04-28

Pieter LastmanIntroductionAn Amsterdam painter of historical, religious, and mythological subjects, Pieter Pietersz. Lastman (b. 1583–d. 1633) is now ...

Leonardo da Vinci

Frank Zöllner, Sara Taglialagamba

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Leonardo da Vinci Introduction Leonardo da Vinci (b. 1452–d. 1519) ranks alongside Michelangelo, Raphael, and Titian as one of the most import...

Luca della Robbia (or the Della Robbia Family)

Catherine Kupiec

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2020-10-28

Luca della Robbia (or the Della Robbia Family)IntroductionFlorentine sculptor Luca della Robbia (b. 1399/1400–d. 1482) is best remembered as the inven...

Luisa Roldán

Cathy Hall-van den Elsen

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2020-08-26

Luisa RoldánIntroductionLuisa Roldán (b. 1652–d. 1706) lived and worked in three Spanish cities, was sculptor to the royal chambers of Kings Carlos II...

Māori Art and Architecture

Ngarino Ellis

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2018-11-29

Māori Art and ArchitectureIntroductionMaori art history originates in Te Po/The Darkness when the parents Ranginui/Sky Father and Papatūānuku/Earth Mo...

Markets and Auctions, Art

Noah Horowitz

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Art Markets and Auctions Introduction This article surveys the growing body of literature covering the international art market. Though discus...

Marxism and Art

Andrew Hemingway

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Marxism and Art Introduction Marxism combines a theory of history with a philosophical worldview that aims to transcend the contemplative post...

Maya Art

Mary Miller

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2018-10-25

Maya ArtIntroductionFirst documented in a comprehensive form in the 19th century, the art of the pre-hispanic Maya begins with painting, sculpture, an...

Medieval Art and Liturgy (recent approaches)

Eric Palazzo

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2019-03-27

Medieval Art and Liturgy (Recent Approaches)IntroductionIn the past decade, research on the relationship between art and liturgy in the Middle Ages ha...

Medieval Art and the Cult of Saints

Elina Gertsman, Dominique DeLuca

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2020-04-22

Medieval Art and the Cult of SaintsIntroductionIt can be said that medieval art, in great part, is predicated on the engagement with the cult of the s...

Medieval Art in Scandinavia, 400-800

Nancy L. Wicker

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2020-02-26

Medieval Art in Scandinavia, 400-800IntroductionArt of the four-hundred-year period in Scandinavia spanning c. 400 to c. 800 ce begins with the close ...

Medieval Textiles

Elizabeth Coatsworth, Gale R. Owen-Crocker

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2018-10-25

Medieval TextilesIntroductionThe decorative and pictorial properties of dress and furnishing textiles, and their power to express group identity, fash...

Meiji Painting

Victoria Weston

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2020-06-24

Meiji PaintingIntroductionThe Meiji period (1868–1912) is a watershed moment in Japan’s long history, marking a shift from indigenous governance organ...

Merovingian Period Art

Genevra Kornbluth

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2016-09-28

Merovingian Period ArtIntroductionStrictly understood, “Merovingian” refers to a ruling dynasty among the Franks, and some scholars use the term in th...

Moche Art

Margaret A. Jackson

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2018-01-11

Moche ArtIntroductionThe Moche of the North Coast of Peru (c. 100–800 ce) are well known for having produced artworks of impressive technical virtuosi...

Modern Sculpture

Caterina Y. Pierre

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2017-06-27

Modern SculptureIntroductionModern sculpture is historically defined as sculpture beginning with the work of Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) and ending with...

Monet, Claude

Steven Z. Levine

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2017-02-28

Claude MonetIntroductionClaude Monet (b. 1840–d. 1926) is the artist most closely associated with the term “Impressionism.” His paintings are among th...

Museums in Australia

Christopher Marshall, Georgina S. Walker

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2019-11-26

Museums in AustraliaIntroductionThe collecting of Australian natural history and Indigenous artifacts predates by centuries the introduction of formal...

Museums of Art in the West

Daniel J. Sherman

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Museums of Art in the WestIntroductionArt museums, their antecedents, and, related exhibition spaces have produced texts of various kinds—catalogues, ...

Nasca Art

Donald A. Proulx

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2015-06-29

Nasca ArtIntroductionThe Nasca culture emerged on the south coast of Peru during the Early Intermediate period, dating from about 100 bce to 650 ce. I...

Native North American Art, Pre-Contact

David W. Penney

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Native North American Art, Pre-Contact Introduction The art history of Native North America as a discipline is young, but an art history of pr...

Nazi Looting of Art

Jonathan Petropoulos, Nicholas Sage

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2021-02-24

Nazi Looting of ArtIntroductionAdolf Hitler and the Nazis were not only the most systematic mass murderers in history, they were also history’s greate...

New Media Art

Oliver Grau

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2016-05-26

New Media ArtIntroductionNew Media Art is a comprehensive term that encompasses art forms that are either produced, modified, and transmitted by means...

New Spain, Art and Architecture

Clara Bargellini

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Art and Architecture of New Spain Introduction Art and architecture have been discussed since the 16th century in New Spain. Following the int...

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