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Gender and Political Violence

Julie Billaud, Lucia Direnberger

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2021-09-22

Gender and Political ViolenceIntroductionFeminist studies have rejected the assumption according to which gender violence is an individual or private ...

Gender and Politics in South Asia

Seuty Sabur

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2019-02-27

Gender and Politics in South AsiaIntroductionThe very construction of “South Asia” is intertwined both with its colonial past and with its intersectin...

Gender Gap in US Public Opinion

Mary-Kate Lizotte

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2020-02-26

Gender Gap in US Public OpinionIntroductionIn a representative democracy, policymakers, elected officials, and bureaucrats should heed public opinion....

Gender Stereotypes in Politics

Angela L. Bos, Kiley Kinnard

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2020-01-15

Gender Stereotypes in PoliticsIntroductionOver the past thirty years, scholars have explored the myriad ways that gender stereotypes may explain the d...

Gender, Behavior, and Representation

Elisabeth Gidengil

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2013-09-30

Gender, Behavior, and Representation Introduction Discussions of gender, behavior, and representation have been dominated by the notion of a “...

Genetic Underpinnings of Political Attitudes and Behaviors

Matthew R. Miles

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2021-04-21

Genetic Underpinnings of Political Attitudes and BehaviorsIntroductionAt present, few political scientists would argue that biological processes do no...

German Politics and Government

Louise K. Davidson-Schmich

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2020-10-28

German Politics and GovernmentIntroductionDue to Germany’s prior history of foreign aggression, its important role in the contemporary global economy,...

Global Inequality

Ayse Kaya

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2011-11-29

Global Inequality Introduction The study of global economic inequality focuses primarily on the income inequalities across states or across in...

Globalization and the Welfare State

Marius R. Busemeyer, Tobias Tober

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2014-03-27

Globalization and the Welfare StateIntroductionThe association between globalization and the welfare state is highly complex, and understanding the im...

Globalization, Health Crises, and Health Care

Ted Schrecker

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2013-07-24

Globalization, Health Crises, and Health Care Introduction The term “globalization” is itself contested terrain. This article recognizes the p...

Governance in Africa

Bruce Baker

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2011-11-29

Governance in Africa Introduction Definitions of governance in Africa in the early 1990s emphasized public sector management, efficiency, and o...

Governmental Responses to Political Corruption

Diğdem Soyaltin

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2016-07-27

Governmental Responses to Political CorruptionIntroductionCorruption is a complex social, political, and economic phenomenon that affects all countrie...

Gridlock and Divided Government in the U.S.

Glen S. Krutz, Tyler J. Hughes

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2015-05-29

Gridlock and Divided Government in the United StatesIntroductionSince the 1990s, the topic of divided government has been among the most prominent top...

Health-Care Politics in the United States

Lauren Peterson, Colleen Grogan

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2020-10-28

Health-Care Politics in the United StatesIntroductionComparative studies of health care in the United States and peer nations often highlight a number...


Mark Beeson

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2013-02-26

Hegemony Introduction The word “hegemony” is of Greek origin and originally referred to the dominant or preponderant position of one state ove...

Historiography of Twentieth-Century American Conservatism, The

Michael Kimmage

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

The Historiography of Twentieth-Century American Conservatism Introduction After a period of relative neglect, the study of postwar American c...

Hobbes’s Political Thought

James Martel

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2015-11-30

Hobbes’s Political Thought Introduction Thomas Hobbes (b. 1588–d. 1679) is one of the most influential political theorists in the Western cano...

Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of

Ngok Ma

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2019-07-31

Special Administrative Region of Hong KongIntroductionThe Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HKSAR) was established in 1997 when China recove...

Hume's Political Thought

Marc Hanvelt

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2015-09-29

Hume’s Political ThoughtIntroductionDavid Hume (b. 1711–d. 1776) was one of the central figures of the Scottish Enlightenment. He lived and wrote duri...

Hybrid Regimes

Jean-François Gagné

Subject: Political Science »

Date Added: 2015-03-10

Hybrid Regimes Introduction Hybrid regimes are found in most developing countries, especially since the end of the Cold War. They are called h...

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