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Ichiyanagi, Toshi

Yayoi Uno Everett

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

Toshi Ichiyanagi Introduction Toshi Ichiyanagi is an influential and prolific Japanese composer who has contributed widely to postwar aestheti...

Iconography, Early Modern European

Barbara R. Hanning

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2014-07-30

Early Modern European Iconography Introduction Music has been the performing art most frequently memorialized in the visual arts, resulting in...

Ifukube, Akira

Brooke McCorkle

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2017-04-27

Akira IfukubeIntroductionAkira Ifukube (b. 31 May 1914–d. 8 February 2006) was among the most prolific and popular Japanese composers of the 20th cent...

India, Music in

Max Katz

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2017-04-27

Music in IndiaIntroductionHome to more than 17 percent of the earth’s population today, India offers a dizzying diversity of musical traditions, pract...

Indigenous Musics of the Arctic

Heidi Aklaseaq Senungetuk

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2017-04-27

Indigenous Musics of the ArcticIntroductionCircumpolar Indigenous peoples share a common cultural thread that may at times seem disparate because of m...


Andrew Weintraub

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2013-05-28

Indonesia Introduction Musicological attention to the music of Indonesia dates to the late 19th century and early 20th century, particularly t...

Instrumentation and Orchestration

Paul Mathews

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2020-02-26

Instrumentation and OrchestrationIntroductionInstrumentation and orchestration refer to the body of technical knowledge required to arrange musical co...

Instruments, Musical

Jennifer C. Post

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2013-02-26

Musical Instruments Introduction Musical instruments are devices used to produce musical sound. Instruments also express individual and communit...

Iran, Music in

Ameneh Youssefzadeh

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2018-11-29

Music in IranIntroductionIran is a vast multiethnic and multilingual state with rich and diverse musical traditions. What is often called “Persian mus...


Axel Klein

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2018-09-25

IrelandIntroductionAs one of the natural consequences of the general upsurge of musicology in Ireland since the early 1990s, Irish musical bibliograph...

Isaac, Heinrich

Giovanni Zanovello, Ryan E. J. Young

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

Heinrich Isaac Introduction Heinrich Isaac (b. c. 1450–d. 1517) is regarded as one of the most celebrated singers and composers of his generat...

Israeli Art Music

Ronit Seter

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2019-08-28

Israeli Art MusicIntroductionWritings about music in Israel illuminate a wide range of topics, often exploring the politics of social identities: nati...

Ives, Charles (Edward)

Tom C. Owens

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2018-01-11

Charles (Edward) IvesIntroductionCharles Edward Ives (b. 1874–d. 1954) was among the most influential and original composers of the first half of the ...

Janáček, Leoš

Geoffrey Chew

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2012-10-25

Leoš Janáček Introduction Leoš Janáček is arguably the most important 20th-century Czech composer of classical music. Before the Prague succes...


Bonnie Wade

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2011-06-29

JapanIntroductionIn this entry, the topic of Japanese music encompasses historical repertoires and practices that are usually referred to as “traditio...


Matthew W. Butterfield

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2011-06-29

Jazz Introduction Jazz emerged as a distinct musical art form in early-20th-century America. Though jazz is thought to have originated primaril...

Jewish Music

Edwin Seroussi

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2014-09-29

Jewish Music Introduction The concept of “Jewish music” surfaces in public discourse toward the mid-19th century, when conceptions of the esse...

Joachim, Joseph

Katharina Uhde

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2018-11-29

Joseph JoachimIntroductionJoseph Joachim (b. 1831–d. 1907), a Hungarian Jew born in Kittsee, occupies a central position in 19th-century German music ...

Joplin, Scott

Bryan S. Wright

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2018-02-22

Scott JoplinIntroductionScott Joplin (b. 1867/8–d. 1917) was an American composer, notable for his many piano rags, waltzes, marches, and for his two ...

Karłowicz, Mieczysław

Luca Lévi Sala

Subject: Music »

Date Added: 2018-01-11

Mieczysław KarłowiczIntroductionThe Polish composer Mieczysław Karłowicz (b. 1876–d. 1909) was born in Wiszniew (now part of Belarus), the youngest so...

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