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Medieval Textiles

Elizabeth Coatsworth, Gale R. Owen-Crocker

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2018-10-25

Medieval TextilesIntroductionThe decorative and pictorial properties of dress and furnishing textiles, and their power to express group identity, fash...

Meiji Painting

Victoria Weston

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2020-06-24

Meiji PaintingIntroductionThe Meiji period (1868–1912) is a watershed moment in Japan’s long history, marking a shift from indigenous governance organ...

Merovingian Period Art

Genevra Kornbluth

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2016-09-28

Merovingian Period ArtIntroductionStrictly understood, “Merovingian” refers to a ruling dynasty among the Franks, and some scholars use the term in th...

Moche Art

Margaret A. Jackson

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2018-01-11

Moche ArtIntroductionThe Moche of the North Coast of Peru (c. 100–800 ce) are well known for having produced artworks of impressive technical virtuosi...

Modern Sculpture

Caterina Y. Pierre

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2017-06-27

Modern SculptureIntroductionModern sculpture is historically defined as sculpture beginning with the work of Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) and ending with...

Monet, Claude

Steven Z. Levine

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2017-02-28

Claude MonetIntroductionClaude Monet (b. 1840–d. 1926) is the artist most closely associated with the term “Impressionism.” His paintings are among th...

Museums in Australia

Christopher Marshall, Georgina S. Walker

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2019-11-26

Museums in AustraliaIntroductionThe collecting of Australian natural history and Indigenous artifacts predates by centuries the introduction of formal...

Museums of Art in the West

Daniel J. Sherman

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Museums of Art in the WestIntroductionArt museums, their antecedents, and, related exhibition spaces have produced texts of various kinds—catalogues, ...

Nasca Art

Donald A. Proulx

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2015-06-29

Nasca ArtIntroductionThe Nasca culture emerged on the south coast of Peru during the Early Intermediate period, dating from about 100 bce to 650 ce. I...

Native North American Art, Pre-Contact

David W. Penney

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Native North American Art, Pre-Contact Introduction The art history of Native North America as a discipline is young, but an art history of pr...

Nazi Looting of Art

Jonathan Petropoulos, Nicholas Sage

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2021-02-24

Nazi Looting of ArtIntroductionAdolf Hitler and the Nazis were not only the most systematic mass murderers in history, they were also history’s greate...

New Media Art

Oliver Grau

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2016-05-26

New Media ArtIntroductionNew Media Art is a comprehensive term that encompasses art forms that are either produced, modified, and transmitted by means...

New Spain, Art and Architecture

Clara Bargellini

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Art and Architecture of New Spain Introduction Art and architecture have been discussed since the 16th century in New Spain. Following the int...

Olmec Art

Rex Koontz

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2015-09-29

Olmec Art Introduction The Olmec art style was the major prestige style of Ancient Mesoamerica between c. 1,500 bce and 400 bce, or much of th...

Pacific Art, Contemporary

Caroline Vercoe

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2018-10-25

Contemporary Pacific ArtIntroductionPacific art and visual culture spans a rich and varied body of objects, dance forms, song, painting, and sculptura...

Palladio, Andrea

Bruce Boucher

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Andrea Palladio Introduction Andrea Palladio (b. 1508–d. 1580) is one of the most influential architects the Western world has produced. Over ...

Parthenon, The

Barbara A. Barletta

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

The Parthenon Introduction The Parthenon, executed between 447 and 432 bce and dedicated in 438 bce, initiated the Periclean building program ...

Performance Art

Kristine Stiles

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Performance Art Introduction This article offers a wide range of resources for understanding the rich genealogy of global performance art that...

Perspective from the Renaissance to Post-Modernism, Historiography of Linear

Samuel Y. Edgerton

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Historiography of Linear Perspective from the Renaissance to Post-ModernismIntroductionMany of the issues discussed in this article were raised nearly...

Peter Paul Rubens

Elizabeth Honig, Ulrich Heinen

Subject: Art History »

Date Added: 2020-09-24

Peter Paul RubensIntroductionPeter Paul Rubens (b. 1577–d. 1640) was an extraordinary figure who inhabited, effected, and even defined many aspects of...

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