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Keystone Species

Marco A. R. Mello

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2019-03-27

Keystone SpeciesIntroductionIf you take the keystone from an arch, it falls apart. However, does the same happen when you remove a species from its ec...

Kin Selection

Andrew F. G. Bourke

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2012-05-23

Kin Selection Introduction According to Hamilton’s kin selection theory (also known as “inclusive fitness” theory), kin selection is the proc...

Landscape Dynamics

Almo Farina

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2017-07-26

Landscape DynamicsIntroductionA landscape may be considered a geographical and/or an ecological space in which organisms live, and it may be heterogen...

Landscape Ecology

Martin Hermy

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2012-05-23

Landscape Ecology Introduction Landscape ecology is well integrated into the discipline of ecology and focuses on the reciprocal interactions betw...

Laws, Ecological

Mark Colyvan, Lev R. Ginzburg

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2012-05-23

Ecological Laws Introduction The question of whether there are laws in ecology is important for a number of reasons. If, as some have suggest...

Legume-Rhizobium Symbiosis, The

Joel L. Sachs, Kelsey Gano-Cohen, Amanda C. Hollowell, John U. Regus

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2013-07-24

The Legume-Rhizobium Symbiosis ...

Leopold, Aldo

Curt Meine

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2013-07-24

Aldo LeopoldIntroductionAldo Leopold (b. 1887–d. 1948) is best known as the author of the conservation classic A Sand County Almanac, and Sketches Her...

Lichen Ecology

Susan Will-Wolf, Robert Luecking

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2016-11-28

Lichen EcologyIntroductionLichens occur worldwide in all terrestrial and even in some aquatic and marine habitats, where they often occupy locations i...

Life History

Charles W. Fox, Frank J. Messina

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2013-09-30

Life History Introduction The life history of an organism is its pattern of survival and reproduction, along with the traits that directly aff...


Neil Rooney

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2012-05-23

Limnology Introduction Limnology is the study of the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of lakes and other bodies of fresh water. It h...

Literature, Ecology and

Kevin MacDonnell, Steve Mentz

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2016-04-28

Ecology in LiteratureIntroductionIncreased interest in ecological questions across many academic disciplines has given rise to ecocriticism, a thrivin...

MacArthur, Robert H.

Henry S. Horn

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

Robert H. Macarthur Introduction In his short life (b. 1930–d. 1972), Robert MacArthur was a highly influential architect of modern ecology. H...

Mangrove Zone Ecology

Roy R. Lewis III, Laura L. Flynn

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2014-02-25

Mangrove Zone Ecology Introduction The mangrove zone consists of the intertidal coastal area lying between the spring high tide line and the s...

Marine Fisheries Management

Jonathan H. Grabowski, Sean P. Powers, Steven B. Scyphers

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2017-05-24

Marine Fisheries ManagementIntroductionHuman civilizations have relied on the sea as a source of protein for millennia, with shellfish middens serving...

Mass Effects

Jani Heino, Luis Mauricio Bini

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2021-04-21

Mass EffectsIntroductionIn the last two decades, community ecology has matured to consider biotic communities as a product of both local and regional ...

Mathematical Ecology

Kevin S. McCann

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2012-05-23

Mathematical Ecology Introduction Most people do not think of mathematics when they think of ecology. Nonetheless, mathematical ecology has a ...

Mating Systems

Barry Sinervo, Ashley Robart

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2016-08-30

Mating SystemsIntroductionMating system theory, based on economics of territorial defense, has been applied to describe the diversity in social system...

Maximum Sustainable Yield

Louis W. Botsford

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2013-09-30

Maximum Sustainable Yield Introduction Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) is a statement of two long-standing desirable goals of exploiting a pop...

Metabolic Scaling Theory

Chuck Price

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2014-08-26

Metabolic Scaling Theory Introduction Body size is among the most influential variables one could measure in attempting to understand interspe...

Metacommunity Dynamics

Florian Altermatt

Subject: Ecology »

Date Added: 2012-05-23

Metacommunity DynamicsIntroductionUnderstanding the distribution of species, their abundance, and their interactions with other species is the central...

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