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Management History

David D. Van Fleet

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2013-01-28

Management History Introduction Although management and attempts to improve it are as old as civilization, the systematic study of management ...

Management In Antiquity

Karl Moore

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2013-01-28

Management in Antiquity Introduction “Antiquity” may be defined as the period in world history ending with the fall of Rome in 476 ce. Usually...

Managerial Discretion

David Wangrow, Hilary Schloemer

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2019-09-25

Managerial DiscretionIntroductionManagerial discretion is the latitude of action afforded to a manager. This literature, classically focused at the ex...

Meaningful Work

Marjolein Lips-Wiersma, Ilse von Hirschberg

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2017-07-26

Meaningful WorkIntroductionWhile the debate about the purpose of work has had a long history, it was not until the 1980s that the literature started t...


Dawn E. Chandler

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2013-01-28

Mentoring Introduction For over thirty years mentoring has been a substantive topic in the management literature. Mentoring at its core is a t...

Multinational Corporations and Emerging Markets

Li Dai

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2015-08-31

Multinational Corporations and Emerging Markets Introduction The emerging markets refer to a collective of countries undergoing rapid and larg...

Neo-institutional Theory

Michael Lounsbury, Eric Yanfei Zhao

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2013-01-28

Neo-institutional Theory Introduction Neo-institutional theory is one of the main theoretical perspectives used to understand organizational b...

Neuroscience, Organizational

Angela M. Passarelli

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2015-01-15

Organizational Neuroscience Introduction Organizational neuroscience (ON) is an emerging research domain within the field of management that i...

New Ventures

Haiyang Li

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2020-02-26

New VenturesIntroductionThe growth of new ventures plays a significant role in job creation and economic development. New ventures, or entrepreneurial...

Organization Design, Global

Tatiana Kostova

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2013-04-22

Global Organization Design Introduction The term “organization design” has been used in a variety of ways ranging from a very narrow focus on ...

Organization Development and Change

Jean M. Bartunek

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2013-01-28

Organization Development and Change Introduction Organization development and change (ODC) is a term used to refer to organization development...

Organization Research, Ethnography in

Beth A. Bechky, Sonya Pyo

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2022-01-12

Ethnography in Organization ResearchIntroductionClassic organizational theory was built on ethnographic studies. These studies, which rely on immersio...

Organization Theory

Royston Greenwood, Bob Hinings, John Amis

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2013-01-28

Organization TheoryIntroductionOrganization theory is concerned with the relationship between organizations and their environment, the effects of thos...

Organizational Adaptation

Andrew Sarta, Jean-Philippe Vergne, Rodolphe Durand

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2018-09-25

Organizational AdaptationIntroductionOrganizational adaptation is a ubiquitous concept in management and organization research. Discussed in many theo...

Organizational Behavior, Emotions in

Neal M. Ashkanasy

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2013-01-28

Emotions in Organizational BehaviorIntroductionThe study of emotions in organizational settings is a subfield within the discipline of organizational ...

Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCBs)

Jeff LePine, Daniel Newton, Ji Koung Kim

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2016-04-28

Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCBs)IntroductionOrganizational citizenship behavior (OCB) refers to the behaviors of individuals that promote e...

Organizational Climate

Mark Ehrhart, Maribeth Kuenzi

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2020-10-28

Organizational ClimateIntroductionThe study of organizational climate has had a long history that in many ways mirrors the development of the fields o...

Organizational Control

Laura B. Cardinal, Markus Kreutzer, C. Chet Miller

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2019-09-25

Organizational ControlIntroductionOrganizational control is a key managerial function, and the focus of a great deal of research in the management and...

Organizational Corruption

Donald Palmer

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2013-01-28

Organizational CorruptionIntroductionCorruption, narrowly defined, entails the perversion of political organizations by internal or external agents. B...

Organizational Hybridity

Björn C. Mitzinneck, Angela Greco

Subject: Management »

Date Added: 2021-07-28

Organizational HybridityIntroductionIn many ways, research on organizational hybridity seeks to understand how some organizations mix together element...

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