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Naïve Realism

Bill Fish

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2017-03-30

Naïve RealismIntroductionNaïve realism is a theory in the philosophy of perception: primarily, the philosophy of vision. Historically, the term was us...


Nenad Miscevic

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2016-06-28

NationalismIntroductionThe topic of nation and nationalism has been present in political philosophy at least since the end of the 18th century, with i...

Natural Kinds

Alexander Bird

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2016-10-27

Natural KindsIntroductionIt appears to us that things in the natural world divide into different kinds. The most obvious examples come from biology. C...

Naturalism in the Philosophy of Mathematics

Mary Leng

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2015-08-31

Naturalism in the Philosophy of Mathematics Introduction In the context of the philosophy of mathematics, the term “naturalism” has a number o...


Stephen Angle

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Neo-ConfucianismIntroduction“Neo-Confucianism” refers to the broad revival of Confucian thinking that emerged in the early Song dynasty (960–1279 ce)....

Neuroscience, Philosophy of

John Bickle, Gualtiero Piccinini

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2020-02-26

Philosophy of NeuroscienceIntroductionContemporary neuroscience is transforming how we know and understand ourselves in the world. Neuroscientists sca...

Nietzsche, Friedrich

Brian Leiter

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2010-05-10

Friedrich Nietzsche Introduction Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900) is one of the major figures of 19th-century European philosophy, whose influ...

Nonexistent Objects

Jody Azzouni

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2013-04-22

Nonexistent ObjectsIntroductionThe issues that nonexistent entities pose for metaphysics and philosophy of language are among the oldest in philosophy...

Normative Ethics

Alan Thomas

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2011-06-29

Normative Ethics Introduction Normative ethics is the branch of philosophy that theorizes the content of our moral judgments or, as a limiting c...

Normative Foundations, Philosophy of Law:

John Oberdiek

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2012-06-26

Philosophy of Law: Normative Foundations Introduction This article on the philosophy of law focuses on contemporary discussions of law’s norma...

Normativity and Social Explanation

Stephen Turner, Peter Olen

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2013-06-25

Normativity and Social Explanation Introduction Normativity is what gives reasons their force, makes words meaningful, and makes rules and law...


Fred D'Agostino

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2019-04-24

ObjectivityIntroductionObjectivity has two aspects. It means, in the metaphysical sense, a correspondence between a statement and the way the world is...


Walter Ott

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

OccasionalismIntroductionOccasionalism is the doctrine that God is the only true cause. What appear to be causes in the natural world—a lightning stri...


Clare Batty

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2017-02-28

OlfactionIntroductionHistorically, much of the philosophical discussion of perception has focused on vision. Since the turn of the 21st century, howev...

Ontological Dependence

Naomi Thompson

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Ontological Dependence Introduction The notion that ontological dependence is intended to capture is that of a distinctively metaphysical depe...

Ontology of Art

Guy Rohrbaugh

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2016-09-28

Ontology of ArtIntroductionOntological questions are questions about existence: Which things are truly existent? Into which fundamental categories do ...

Ordinary Objects

Dana Goswick

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2016-07-27

Ordinary ObjectsIntroductionNothing is more familiar to us than the ordinary objects—such as dogs, computers, tables, and trees—that we interact with ...

Other Minds

Anita Avramides

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2011-08-26

Other MindsIntroductionThe problem of other minds has been a curiously neglected one in contemporary philosophy. The reasons for this are themselves a...


Andrew Fiala

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2015-10-26

PacifismIntroductionPacifism is a contested term. It is often defined narrowly as opposition to war, or more broadly understood as opposition to all v...


David Bain

Subject: Philosophy »

Date Added: 2015-08-31

Pain Introduction Philosophers think of pain less and less as a paradigmatic instance of mentality, for which they seek a general account, and...

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