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Pawel Kras

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2010-12-15

Poland Introduction Scholars usually date the medieval history of Poland as starting in the mid-10th century, when the first written informat...

Poland, Ethnic and Religious Groups in Medieval

Pawel Kras

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2010-12-15

Ethnic and Religious Groups in Medieval Poland Introduction Starting from its historical emergence in the 10th century, Poland formed the eas...

Pope Innocent III

John Doran

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2012-06-26

Pope Innocent III Introduction Pope Innocent III (b. 1160 or 1161––d. 1216) is widely regarded as the most powerful pope of the Middle Ages. S...

Post-Conquest England

Joel Rosenthal

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2010-12-15

Post-Conquest EnglandIntroductionThe customary periodization of English history refers to the period before the Norman Conquest as the Anglo-Saxon or ...

Pre-Carolingian Western European Kingdoms

Gregory I. Halfond

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2016-06-28

Pre-Carolingian Western European KingdomsIntroductionBetween c. 500 and 750 ce western Europe experienced significant political transformation. In the...

Prick of Conscience, The

James H. Morey

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2014-10-28

The Prick of Conscience Introduction The Prick of Conscience (PC) is a mid-14th-century poem of over 9,000 lines in octosyllabic couplets that...

Pucci, Antonio

Maria Bendinelli Predelli

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2019-05-29

Antonio PucciIntroductionLeaving aside Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio—the three exceptional figures of the Italian Trecento—Antonio Pucci (b. c. 1310–...


Elena Woodacre, Miriam Shadis

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

QueensIntroductionAs the wives, mothers, and daughters of kings, medieval queens acquired their status in one of two ways, either through marriage or,...

Rate Manuscript (Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Ashmole 61)

Wendy Matlock

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2017-06-27

Rate Manuscript (Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Ashmole 61)IntroductionOxford, Bodleian Library, MS Ashmole 61 is often referred to as the Rate manuscri...

Regions of Medieval France

Robert F. Berkhofer

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2010-12-15

Regions of Medieval France Introduction While there were kings who claimed to rule the western Frankish kingdom after the division of the C...

Regular Canons

Martin Heale

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2013-09-30

Regular CanonsIntroductionThe regular canons—clerics living in common and following a monastic rule—are not easy to categorize. In theory, the vocatio...

Religious Instruction (Homilies, Sermons, etc.)

Daniel Najork

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2022-11-29

Religious Instruction (Homilies, Sermons, etc.)IntroductionAs many introductions point out, works of religious instruction are among the first writing...

Religious Lyrics

John C. Hirsh

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2014-01-13

Religious LyricsIntroductionAlthough dimly anticipated by certain Old English poetic texts, the Middle English religious lyric appears in the manuscri...


Matthew James Driscoll

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2022-02-21

RímurIntroductionThe Icelandic rímur (lit. ‘rhymes’) are long narrative poems in complex meters, normally comprising several cantos or fits, each of w...

Robert Mannyng of Brunne

Kate Greenspan

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2017-10-25

Robert Mannyng of BrunneIntroductionEnglish poet and historiographer Robert Mannyng (b. c. 1283–d. c. 1338), the author of Handlyng Synne and The Stor...

Rolle, Richard

Margaret Connolly

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2014-01-13

Richard Rolle Introduction Richard Rolle, who died in 1349, is the earliest of a group of five English writers who are generally referred to a...

Roman Law

Thomas Izbicki

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Roman LawIntroductionDuring the Middle Ages, law loomed large in efforts to manage life situations, beginning with the adaptation of late imperial law...

Romances (East and West Norse)

Marianne Kalinke

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2021-10-27

Romances (East and West Norse)IntroductionMedieval Scandinavian romances are categorized as East Norse (that is, Swedish), and West Norse (that is, No...

Romanesque Art

Elizabeth Valdez del Álamo

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2010-12-15

Romanesque Art Introduction The fully vaulted building and its large-scale sculptural decoration is the great invention of Romanesque art of ...

Ruthwell Cross

Catherine E. Karkov

Subject: Medieval Studies »

Date Added: 2015-10-26

Ruthwell Cross Introduction The Ruthwell Cross is a freestanding stone cross, or high cross. It was carved and erected at some point in the 8t...

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