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School Bullying

Lucy Bowes

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2014-06-30

School Bullying Introduction Bullying victimization began to be systematically researched only in the early 1970s following a number of suicid...

School Crime and Violence

Allison Payne

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2010-11-01

School Crime and Violence Introduction Although school-related deaths, violent victimizations in school, and overall school crime have declin...

School Safety, Security, and Discipline

Thomas J. Mowen, Emily Bragg

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2021-05-26

School Safety, Security, and DisciplineIntroductionThe safety of children and young adults in the hallways of schools across the United States remains...

Search Warrants

Naoki Kanaboshi

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2022-06-27

Search WarrantsIntroductionA search warrant is an order issued by the court that permits and commands the police to conduct a search and seize the evi...

Seasonality and Crime

Kristin Carbone-Lopez

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2012-06-26

Seasonality and Crime Introduction There is a long history within criminology and related disciplines (such as psychology and psychiatry) of s...

Self-Control, The General Theory:

John Paul Wright

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

The General Theory: Self-Control Introduction The "General Theory" of self-control posited in Gottfredson and Hirschi 1990 (see General Ove...

Self-Report Crime Surveys

Delbert Elliott

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2017-06-27

Self-Report Crime SurveysIntroductionHistorically, measures and surveys of crime were all counts of law enforcement activity—crimes reported to the po...

Sentencing Enhancements

Traci Schlesinger

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2019-02-27

Sentencing EnhancementsIntroductionSentencing enhancements are policies that mandate that people who are convicted of criminalized behaviors while eng...

Sentencing Guidelines

Anat Kimchi, Brian D. Johnson

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2011-04-14

Sentencing GuidelinesIntroductionSentencing guidelines are formal sentencing recommendations that provide benchmarks for appropriate punishments to ju...

Sentencing Policy

Andres F. Rengifo

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

Sentencing Policy Introduction Sentencing policies govern the administration of legal sanctions for individuals convicted of a criminal offense...

Sentencing, Evidence-Based

James C. Oleson

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2021-04-21

Evidence-Based SentencingIntroductionThe evidence-based practice (EBP) movement can be traced to a 1992 article in the Journal of the American Medical...

Sex Crimes

Karen Terry

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

Sex Crimes Introduction Sex offenders constitute a heterogeneous group of individuals. The term “sex offender” is applied to individuals wh...

Sex Offender Policies and Legislation

Kelly M. Socia, Rimonda R. Maroun

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2016-02-25

Sex Offender Policies and LegislationIntroductionVarious policies and legislation have been implemented that apply to individuals convicted of sexual ...

Sex Trafficking

Megan Parker, Edward J. Schauer, Ila J. Schauer

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2012-12-19

Sex TraffickingIntroductionSex trafficking is the forcing or coercion of persons into the commercial sex trade. The victims of sex trafficking are pri...

Sexual Revictimization

Leah Daigle, Andia Azimi

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2015-08-31

Sexual Revictimization Introduction It is well established that a portion of individuals are sexually victimized each year. More recently, it ...

Situational Action Theory

Per-Olof H. Wikström

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

Situational Action Theory Introduction Situational action theory (SAT) is a newly developed general theory of moral action and crime that a...

Snitching and Use of Criminal Informants

Alexandra Natapoff

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2012-04-24

Snitching and Use of Criminal Informants Introduction Criminal informants occupy a central role in the US criminal system. Police rely heavily ...

Social and Intellectual Context of Criminology, The

Joachim J. Savelsberg

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2012-04-24

The Social and Intellectual Context of Criminology Introduction A hallmark of established academic fields is systematic self-reflection and sci...

Social Construction of Crime, The

Richard Rosenfeld

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

The Social Construction of Crime Introduction Behaviors become crimes through a process of social construction. The same behavior may be co...

Social Control of Tobacco Use

Kirsten Bell

Subject: Criminology »

Date Added: 2016-02-25

Social Control of Tobacco UseIntroductionEfforts to control the use of tobacco via both formal and informal social mechanisms have been a feature of m...

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