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War and Trade

Silvia Marzagalli

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2014-09-29

War and Trade Introduction War, as organized and collective phenomenon sanctioned by a political ruler as opposed to private forms of violence...

War of 1812

Troy Bickham

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2016-01-21

War of 1812IntroductionThe Anglo-America War of 1812 has traditionally been a much-neglected subject for American historical inquiry, leading to the c...

War of the Spanish Succession

David Onnekink

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2012-12-19

War of the Spanish Succession Introduction The War of the Spanish Succession is usually seen as part of a longer conflict involving the whole ...


Geoffrey Plank

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2010-05-10

WarfareIntroductionMilitary history has a large, varied constituency, and it may well be the most popular subfield within the historical profession. T...

Warfare in 17th-Century North America

Wayne E. Lee

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2012-06-26

Warfare in 17th-Century North America Introduction The exploratory, trading, colonial, and eventually imperial voyages and expeditions of Euro...

Warfare in Spanish America

Rodrigo Moreno Gutiérrez

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2021-05-26

Warfare in Spanish AmericaIntroductionIn the same way that it is possible to understand warfare as organized violence with political ends, it is also ...

Warfare, Medicine, and Disease in the Atlantic World

Erica Charters

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2016-08-30

Warfare, Medicine, and Disease in the Atlantic WorldIntroductionDisease has played a major role in the interaction between Europeans and indigenous pe...


Daryl Hafter

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

Weavers Introduction Textiles were a dominant industry throughout the preindustrial world (15th–18th centuries), and their manufacture and tra...

West Indian Economic Decline

Ahmed Reid

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

West Indian Economic Decline Introduction A central feature of British West Indian economic history is the precipitous decline of the plantati...

Whitefield, George

Jessica Parr

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2017-05-24

George WhitefieldIntroductionGeorge Whitefield (1714–1770), an English Anglican and Calvinist itinerant preacher, was one of the most recognized figur...

Whiteness in the Atlantic World

Tim Engles

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2012-12-19

Whiteness in the Atlantic WorldIntroductionCompared to studies of the concept of race, most of those directly focused on racial whiteness are relative...


Rod Phillips

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2012-12-19

Wine Introduction Wine was a staple of the daily diet in many European societies for hundreds of years before regular contact was established b...

Witchcraft in the Atlantic World

Ellen Hartigan-O'Connor

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2011-06-29

Witchcraft in the Atlantic WorldIntroductionThe early modern period of Atlantic exploration and connection coincided with a wave of witchcraft persecu...

Women and the Law

Sara T. Damiano

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2021-07-28

Women and the LawIntroductionIn the early modern Atlantic world, the law conditioned gendered power relations in European and colonial contexts alike....

Women Prophets

Elizabeth Bouldin

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2013-02-26

Women Prophets Introduction Women prophets existed throughout the Atlantic world and came from a wide range of religious and spiritual traditi...

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