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Archaeology and Race

Anna S. Agbe-Davies

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2020-03-25

Archaeology and RaceIntroductionFor as long as archaeologists have studied the human past, they have been concerned with the social categories we some...

Archaeology and the Body

Julie K. Wesp, Rosemary A. Joyce

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2020-10-28

Archaeology and the BodyIntroductionThe body has become a central focus of archaeological research as practitioners ask questions about the role of in...

Archaeology of Childhood

Jane Eva Baxter

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2017-02-28

Archaeology of ChildhoodIntroductionThe archaeology of childhood is an area of scholarly inquiry that makes explicit archaeological interests in child...

Archaeology of the Senses

Jo Day

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2021-02-24

Archaeology of the SensesIntroductionThe influence of the “sensory turn” in the social sciences was first manifested in archaeology in the late 1990s ...

Archaeology, Gender and

Karen Dempsey

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2022-02-21

Gender and ArchaeologyIntroductionIn archaeology, gender is not a simple man-woman binary classification. It is the performance and embodiment of an i...

Archaeology, Global

Claire Smith, Heather Burke

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2021-03-24

Global ArchaeologyIntroductionGlobal archaeology is the archaeology of globalization, documenting and unearthing the material markers of its origins, ...

Archaeology, Historical

Charles E. Orser, Jr.

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2013-07-24

Historical ArchaeologyIntroductionHistorical archaeology is a relatively new field, having been professionalized only since the 1960s. Some historical...

Archaeology, Indigenous

George P. Nicholas

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2014-07-30

Indigenous ArchaeologyIntroductionWhat has become known as “indigenous archaeology” took form in the 1990s through efforts to ensure a place for desce...


David Zeitlyn

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2018-11-29

ArchivesIntroductionArchives and archival studies have an increasingly high profile within anthropology. The term gets used to cover several different...

Art Museums

Haidy Geismar

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2022-11-29

Art MuseumsIntroductionThis bibliography surveys work on the art museum from a broad-based anthropological perspective, with the caveat that many of t...


Jeremy MacClancy

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Art/Aesthetics Introduction The anthropology of art includes within its ambit the anthropological study of any aspect of artistic production, ...


Deborah Reed-Danahay

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2017-02-28

AutoethnographyIntroductionThe term autoethnography is subject to different interpretations and some controversy. It can refer to the ethnography of o...

Bakhtin, Mikhail

Chaise LaDousa

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2018-01-11

Mikhail BakhtinIntroductionMikhail Mikhailovich Bakhtin (b. 1895–d. 1975) was a literary theorist whose work remained obscure until the last decade of...

Bass, William M.

Hugh Berryman, Mitzi P. Dunkley, Tiffany Saul

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2017-03-30

William M. BassIntroductionWilliam M. “Bill” Bass (b. 1928) is a well-known forensic anthropologist made famous for creating the Anthropology Research...


Stephanie Sadre-Orafai

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Beauty Introduction While anthropologists have examined aesthetic forms and practices from the discipline’s inception, interest in beauty cult...


Jan J. Lorenz

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2018-08-28

BeliefIntroductionBelief has been one of the central concerns in anthropological and sociological studies of religion since the onset of the two disci...

Benedict, Ruth

Judith Schachter

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2019-01-15

Ruth BenedictIntroductionRuth Fulton Benedict, an American anthropologist (1887–1948), is best known for her contribution to the “culture and personal...

Binford, Lewis

David Meltzer

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2013-05-28

Lewis Binford Introduction Lewis R. Binford (b. 1931–d. 2011) was an American archaeologist who had a profound impact on the thinking and prac...


Kristina Killgrove

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2013-09-30

Bioarchaeology Introduction The study of the human bodies of past cultures, bioarchaeology became a major research area in the social sciences...

Biocultural Anthropology

Daniel Lende

Subject: Anthropology »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

Biocultural Anthropology Introduction Biocultural anthropology exists at the intersection of cultural and biological approaches. Given how con...

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