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International Law - Oxford Bibliographies

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Feminist Approaches to International Law

Dianne Otto

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2012-03-23

Feminist Approaches to International Law Introduction Feminist perspectives have informed the development of international law at least since t...

Financial Law, International

Douglas Arner, Uzma Ashraf

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2013-06-25

International Financial Law Introduction With growing financial globalization, international financial law has increased in significance and p...

Forceful Intervention for Protection of Human Rights in Africa

Dan Kuwali

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2020-01-15

Forceful Intervention for Protection of Human Rights in AfricaIntroductionArticle 2(4) of the Charter of the United Nations (UN) obliges States to ref...

Foreign Investment

Nicolas Angelet, Mathilde Rousseau

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Foreign Investment Introduction International law on foreign investment finds its origins in the international law on the treatment of aliens ...


Margaret A. Young

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2014-07-30

Fragmentation Introduction The fragmentation of public international law is a long-observed phenomenon that demonstrates uneven normative and ...

Freedom of Expression

Mark J. Richards

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2014-07-30

Freedom of Expression Introduction Freedom of expression is a fundamental international human right. It is intrinsically valuable and necessar...

French Revolution

Marc Belissa

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

French Revolution Introduction The French Revolution is not a strictly national phenomenon confined within the boundaries of the kingdom of Fr...

Gender and International Security

Gina Heathcote

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2021-09-22

Gender and International SecurityIntroductionThinking about security as a feminist international lawyer is necessarily complex and invites multiple la...

General Customary Law

Tony Carty

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2012-03-23

General Customary Law Introduction International society is divided into sovereign states and does not have an international legislature, execu...

General Principles of Law

Marcelo Kohen, Bérénice Schramm

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

General Principles of LawIntroductionGeneral principles of law are basic rules whose content is very general and abstract, sometimes reducible to a ma...


Christine Byron

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2012-03-23

Genocide Introduction Genocide has been called the “crime of crimes” and the gravest violation of human rights it is possible to commit. It w...

Georgia and International Law

Antoni Blanc Altemir, Eimys Ortiz Hernández

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Georgia and International LawIntroductionThe dissolution of the USSR at the end of December 1991 and the reunification of Germany were, without doubt,...

Grotius, Hugo

John Haskell

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2016-08-30

Hugo GrotiusIntroductionHugo de Groot (b. 1583–d. 1645), more commonly known today as Hugo Grotius, was a prominent intellectual figure in the 17th ce...

Habeas Corpus

David Clark

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2016-08-30

Habeas CorpusIntroductionThis entry considers habeas corpus in common law jurisdictions (including mixed jurisdictions such as South Africa) and in in...

Hijaz and International Law, The

Malik Dahlan

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2021-04-21

The Hijaz and International LawIntroductionThe Hashemite Kingdom of Hijaz attracted little notice in the Western international legal history during it...

History of International Law, 1550–1700

Ignacio De La Rasilla Del Moral

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2013-11-27

History of International Law, 1550–1700IntroductionEvery epoch remakes the study of the history of international law in its own image. In the wake of ...

Hostilities, Direct Participation in

Shane Darcy

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2016-05-26

Direct Participation in HostilitiesIntroductionContemporary armed conflicts involve not only fighting and military confrontation between regular armed...

Human Rights

Jessica Almqvist

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2012-03-23

Human Rights Introduction The adoption in 1945 of the UN Charter and in 1948 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights marks the initial sta...

Human Rights and Regional Protection, Relativism and Universalism of

Claudio Corradetti

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2017-06-27

Relativism and Universalism of Human Rights and Regional ProtectionIntroductionThe international system of human rights is organized around both a uni...

Human Rights, European Court of

Ana Salinas de Frías

Subject: International Law »

Date Added: 2014-08-26

European Court of Human Rights Introduction In the aftermath of the Second World War Europe was faced with the need to not only reconstruct th...

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