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Kelly L. Watson

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2018-11-29

CannibalismIntroductionCannibalism has loomed large in the Western historical imagination for millennia. The 5th-century bce Greek historian Herodotus...


Tom Cutterham

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2021-07-28

CapitalismIntroductionAs a conceptual apparatus for the analysis of complex historical phenomena, “capitalism” has been a powerful tool for historians...


Neal Salisbury

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2011-08-26

Captivity Introduction The study of cross-cultural captivity as a phenomenon of Atlantic history from the late 15th to late 19th centuries rema...

Captivity in Africa

Vincent Carretta

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2017-06-27

Captivity in AfricaIntroductionFactual as well as fictional accounts exist of specific individuals taken captive in Africa and brought into contact wi...

Captivity in North America

Evan Haefeli

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2017-07-26

Captivity in North AmericaIntroductionBetween the 17th and 19th centuries, America’s indigenous peoples captured several thousand European colonists a...

Caribbean, The

Gad Heuman

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2011-06-29

The Caribbean Introduction The Caribbean includes the arc of islands in the Caribbean Sea but also the Guianas (Guyana, Suriname, and French Gu...

Cartier, Jacques

Alan Gordon

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2014-10-28

Jacques CartierIntroductionJacques Cartier (b. 1491–d. 1557), a sea captain from Saint-Malo on France’s northern coast, was one of the first French sa...


Rachel O'Toole

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2011-08-26

Castas Introduction Lower-status people and people of color in colonial Latin America, or the castas, as well as casta categories or terms tha...


Allyson M. Poska

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2010-05-10

CatholicismIntroductionThe Roman Catholic Church was the single largest institution of the early modern Atlantic world. Its reach extended from the Lo...

Cattle in the Atlantic World

Eva Botella Ordinas

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2018-05-24

Cattle in the Atlantic WorldIntroductionThere is more flesh in the history of cattle than meets the eye because there is probably more culture and pol...

Central Europe and the Atlantic World

Csaba Lévai, Zbigniew Mazur

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2017-08-23

Central Europe and the Atlantic WorldIntroductionCentral Europe as defined in this article includes the historical territories of the Holy Roman Empir...


Emma Hart

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

Charleston Introduction The fourth largest city in the mainland British colonies, Charleston was the major urban center in the plantation Sout...

Chartered Companies, British and Dutch

Tony Webster

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2011-05-25

British and Dutch Chartered Companies Introduction Chartered companies were commercial organizations that enjoyed special privileges granted by...


Gregory D. Smithers

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2016-06-28

CherokeeIntroductionThe Cherokee are an Iroquois-speaking people who at the time of contact with Europeans in the 16th century occupied a sizeable hom...


Ruth Herndon

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

Childhood Introduction This bibliography focuses on childhood in Atlantic world cultures in the 17th and 18th centuries (1600–1800). Geographi...

Chinese Indentured Servitude in the Atlantic World

Lomarsh Roopnarine

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2018-04-26

Chinese Indentured Servitude in the Atlantic WorldIntroductionAlthough the first shipload of about 400 Chinese indentured servants arrived in Trinidad...


Adam Siegel, Axel Borg

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2012-12-19

Chocolate Introduction While the role of Theobroma cacao L. in the Atlantic economy has been overshadowed by other commodity crops such as cof...

Church and Slavery

Katharine Gerbner

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2022-05-26

Church and SlaveryIntroductionFor most of the past two millennia, Christian churches have not only accepted slavery, but have also participated in the...

Cities and Urbanization in Portuguese America

Cláudia Damasceno Fonseca, Renata Malcher de Araujo

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2018-08-28

Cities and Urbanization in Portuguese AmericaIntroductionThis article looks at cities founded by the Portuguese in South America (i.e., Brazil and par...

Citizenship in the Atlantic World

Federica Morelli

Subject: Atlantic History »

Date Added: 2018-04-26

Citizenship in the Atlantic WorldIntroductionNormally scholars, including historians of the Atlantic world, have traditionally strictly linked the con...

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