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David Levene

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2013-01-28

Livy Introduction Livy (Titus Livius) was born in (probably) 59 bc, in Patavium (the modern Padua); he died in (probably) ad 17. Little is kno...

Looting and the Antiquities Market

Patty Gerstenblith, Corinne R. Smith

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2015-04-29

Looting and the Antiquities Market Introduction The looting of archaeological sites became a significant problem after the Second World War. A...


Susanna Braund

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

Lucan Introduction Lucan was one of the major successors of Virgil in the genre of Latin epic poetry. In turn, he exercised a strong influe...


Anna Chahoud

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2018-07-24

LuciliusIntroductionGaius Lucilius (fl. c. 130 bce–103/2 bce) was the inventor of Roman satire as we know it. Born of an equestrian family from Suessa...


Gordon Lindsay Campbell

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2011-05-25

LucretiusIntroductionLucretius (Titus Lucretius Carus, b. c. 94–d. c. 55 or 51 bce) was one of the most important Latin poets of Antiquity. He was a p...


Mike Edwards

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2017-04-27

LysiasIntroductionLysias, son of Cephalus of Syracuse, was the third member of the ancient canon of ten Attic orators. Living as a metic at Athens, Ly...


Miltiades B. Hatzopoulos, Dimitra Andrianou

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2011-05-25

MacedoniaIntroductionMacedonia is understood as the country that existed as an independent kingdom between c. 700 bce and 168 bce; as a formally indep...

Magic in the Ancient Greco-Roman World

Radcliffe Edmonds

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2012-06-26

Magic in the Ancient Greco-Roman WorldIntroductionThe study of magic in the ancient Greco-Roman world has blossomed in the decades since the publicati...


Richard J.A. Talbert

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2012-06-26

Maps Introduction Maps and mapmaking may be considered from at least three related perspectives: the nature and purpose of maps produced in cl...

Marcus Aurelius's Meditations

Marcel van Ackeren

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2012-06-26

Marcus Aurelius’s MeditationsIntroductionMarcus Aurelius (b. 121 ce) was heir to the throne for twenty-three years, beginning in 138 ce, and then Roma...

Marcus Cornelius Fronto

Caillan Davenport

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2018-02-22

Marcus Cornelius FrontoIntroductionMarcus Cornelius Fronto was a prominent lawyer and orator of the Antonine age and tutor in Latin rhetoric to the em...

Marcus Manilius

Katharina Volk

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2011-04-14

Marcus ManiliusIntroductionMarcus Manilius was a Roman poet who in the second decade of the 1st century ce wrote Astronomica, a hexameter poem in five...

Maritime Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean

Justin Leidwanger, Elizabeth S. Greene

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2019-09-25

Maritime Archaeology of the Ancient MediterraneanIntroductionMaritime archaeology of the classical world explores the traders, travelers, pirates, fis...

Marius and Sulla

Federico Santangelo

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2020-07-29

Marius and SullaIntroductionGaius Marius (b. 158/157–d. 86 bce) and Lucius Cornelius Sulla (b. 138–d. 78 bce) were the most prominent, and in several ...


Patricia A. Johnston

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2013-11-27

Martial Introduction Most of what we know of the origin and early life of Marcus Valerius Martialis (Martial) has been gleaned from his works:...


Courtney Ann Roby

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2014-05-29

Mechanics Introduction Mechanics in antiquity was a complex discipline, including both theoretical and applied components, drawing methodology...

Menander of Athens

David Konstan

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

Menander of Athens Introduction Menander, born in 342/1 bce, was an Athenian citizen, the son of Diopeithes and Hegestrate (Suda s.v. Menander...

Metaphysics, Greek and Roman

Anna Marmodoro

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2016-10-27

Greek and Roman MetaphysicsIntroductionMetaphysics, in its broadest definition, is about what there is. Its domain is so vast that it is not possible ...

Metrics, Greek

Joel Lidov

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2011-05-25

Greek MetricsIntroductionGreek metrics is the discipline that studies the patterns and arrangements of syllables and words that characterize Greek poe...

Middle Platonism

Mauro Bonazzi

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2015-03-30

Middle PlatonismIntroductionThe term “Middle Platonism” was created in the 19th century ce to distinguish this movement from the later tradition known...

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