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Feminist Theory

Jennifer Carlson, Raka Ray

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2011-07-27

Feminist Theory Introduction Feminist theory explores both inequality in gender relations and the constitution of gender. It is best understood...


S. Philip Morgan

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

Fertility Introduction Fertility refers to the actual production of offspring and not the biological potential to reproduce (fecundity). Ferti...

Field, Bourdieu's Concept of

David L. Swartz

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2016-04-28

Field, Bourdieu’s Concept OfIntroductionThe concept of field is being used more and more today in North American sociology as well as in Europe. There...


Michaela DeSoucey

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2012-11-21

FoodIntroductionFood studies as a distinct field within sociology has seen extensive interest and growth. Previously, studies of food production and c...

Forced Migration

Greta A. Gilbertson, Mary G. Powers

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2016-09-28

Forced MigrationIntroductionThis entry reviews trends and changes in forced migration, specifically in the population defined by the United Nations Hi...

Foucault, Michel

Gavin Kendall

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2011-07-27

Michel Foucault Introduction Paul-Michel Foucault was born in Poitiers, France, on 15 October 1926 and died in Paris on 25 June 1984. He was a ...

Frankfurt School

John D. Abromeit

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2016-11-28

Frankfurt SchoolIntroductionAlthough it has gained widespread currency, the “Frankfurt School” is a somewhat misleading term that refers primarily to ...


Beate Volker

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2016-07-27

FriendshipIntroductionThe question “who is friends with whom” is nontrivial in sociology, because friendship—in particular the degree to which people ...


Janeen Baxter, Heidi Hoffmann

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2011-10-28

GenderIntroductionThe term gender refers to the cultural and social characteristics attributed to men and women on the basis of perceived biological d...

Gender and Bodies

Samantha Kwan, Trenton M. Haltom

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2020-02-26

Gender and BodiesIntroductionScholars from various disciplines (anthropology, gender studies, history, philosophy, and sociology, among others) have w...

Gender and Crime

Francesca Spina

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2020-02-26

Gender and CrimeIntroductionScholars and practitioners paid little attention to the subject of gender and crime until the 1960s. However, this topic b...

Gender and Education

Claudia Buchmann, Chrisse Edmunds

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2018-07-24

Gender and EducationIntroductionThe study of gender and education encompasses gender differences in educational outcomes such as achievement, attainme...

Gender and Health

Bridget K. Gorman, Alexa Solazzo

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2019-06-26

Gender and HealthIntroductionThe relationship between gender and health has received considerable research study over the last several decades, within...

Gender and Incarceration

Brae Campion Young, Miriam Northcutt Bohmert

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2019-04-24

Gender and IncarcerationIntroductionWomen make up only a small portion of the prison population; however, the number of women in prison has increased ...

Gender and Professions

Leslie Irvine, Jenny R. Vermilya

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2019-05-29

Gender and ProfessionsIntroductionThe term “professions” generally refers to occupations that require expertise obtainable only through specialized tr...

Gender and Social Movements

Anna Chatillon, Verta Taylor

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2021-02-24

Gender and Social MovementsIntroductionThe sociological study of gender and social movements is relatively new. Until the 1970s, scholarship on social...

Gender and Work

Amy Wharton

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

Gender and Work Introduction Gender operates at all levels of social life and is deeply embedded in how work is organized, rewarded, and exper...

Gender Pay Gap

JooHee Han, Michelle Budig

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2019-07-31

Gender Pay GapIntroductionThe “gender pay gap” refers to the average difference in men’s and women’s earnings, and is typically adjusted for hours wor...

Gender Stratification

Claudia Geist, Kyl Myers

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2016-02-25

Gender StratificationIntroductionGender stratification refers to the social ranking, where men typically inhabit higher statuses than women. Often the...

Gender, Sexuality, and Migration

Rhacel Salazar Parreñas, Carolyn Choi, Maria Hwang

Subject: Sociology »

Date Added: 2019-06-26

Gender, Sexuality, and MigrationIntroductionWomen have always migrated. Yet, earlier gender and migration debates on the “feminization of migration” h...

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