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Race and Racism

James A. Tyner

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2016-02-25

Race and RacismIntroductionThe geographic study of race and racism has a long and sometimes contested history dating to the founding of modern geograp...

Religion, Geographies of

Peter Hopkins

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2014-08-26

Geographies of Religion Introduction In the early 1990s, the topic of religion generated very little interest within geography, and there were...

Retail Trade, Geography of

John Dawson

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2017-07-26

Geography of Retail TradeIntroductionRetailing is a universal activity. Activities comprising retailing are linked closely to the culture and economy ...

Rural Geography

Soren Larsen

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2013-02-26

Rural Geography Introduction Rural geography focuses on the spatiality of rural life and environment. Its historical development as a subfield...

Science and Technology Studies (STS) in Geography

Rebecca Lave

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2014-07-30

Science and Technology Studies (STS) in Geography Introduction STS is an interdiscipline that draws together anthropologists, historians, and ...

Sea-Level Research, Quaternary

Mark Schuerch

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2017-02-28

Quaternary Sea-Level ResearchIntroductionSea level variations have been, are, and will always be taking place on local, regional, and global scales as...

Segregation, Ethnic and Racial

David H. Kaplan

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2016-05-26

Ethnic and Racial SegregationIntroductionThe segregation of peoples based on particular cultural or racial characteristics has been a feature of urban...

Service Industries, Geography of

Peter Daniels

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2013-08-26

Geography of Service IndustriesIntroductionThere are very few business activities, government departments, households, or individual persons that are ...

Settlement Geography

Timothy Anderson

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2015-11-30

Settlement Geography Introduction The classification of settlement geography as a separate subfield in the discipline has become less clear ov...

Sexuality, Geography of

Phil Hubbard

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2013-10-29

Geography of Sexuality Introduction Geography as a discipline has been reticent about recognizing that sexuality is foundational to the making...

Slope Processes

Simon M. Mudd

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2014-01-13

Slope Processes Introduction Much of the terrestrial surface of our planet is sloping. Rivers and glaciers occupy some of this terrain, but th...

Social Justice

Marcia England

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2014-03-27

Social Justice Introduction Originating from religious doctrine, social justice is concerned with ensuring equitable rights for members of a s...

Soils, Diversity of

J.J. Ibáñez

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Diversity of SoilsIntroductionThe earth’s surface is heterogeneous in nature. This feature of the earth’s crust implies that the distribution in space...

Sonic Methods in Geography

Jonathan Prior

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2017-08-23

Sonic Methods in GeographyIntroductionResearch into sound—including both musical and nonmusical sound—amounts to a varied body of work that straddles ...

Spatial Analysis

Tony H. Grubesic, Jake R. Nelson

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2016-03-31

Spatial AnalysisIntroductionSpatial analysis refers to a process that relies upon both exploratory and confirmatory techniques to answer important que...

Spatial Autocorrelation

Daniel A. Griffith

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2016-03-31

Spatial AutocorrelationIntroductionSpatial autocorrelation (SA)—the correlation among georeferenced observations arising from their relative locations...

Sports, Geography of

Neil Conner

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2014-01-13

Geography of Sports Introduction Karl Marx is remembered for having stated: “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature. . . . It is the o...

Sustainability Science

Eric Clark

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2014-04-28

Sustainability Science Introduction Thought concerned with sustaining what we in the early 21st century call societal metabolism and life-supp...

Sustainable Agriculture

Sara Metcalf, LaDona Knigge

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2014-03-27

Sustainable Agriculture Introduction Cultivation of plants and domestication of animals for human purposes necessarily involve transformation ...

Synoptic Climatology

Scott Sheridan, Cameron Lee

Subject: Geography »

Date Added: 2014-01-30

Synoptic Climatology Introduction Synoptic climatology was born from the desire to better understand synoptic-scale processes of the mid-latitu...

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